Monday, 10 March 2014

The Life In Letters Tag

So I was recently tagged to do the Life in Letters tag by PrettyLovelyGirls ! I LOVE this idea so much! They are so easy to read and I find it so interesting seeing what everyone else has been picking! So here is my life in letters...... 

A is for America - Back in 2012 I went travelling around America for 6 weeks. This has to be the greatest experience of my life so far - nothing will ever compare to it. New York, Washington DC, LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Florida, New York - Weeks I will never forget. (you can read all about it in my Travel Diary posts remember :)

is for Buffy - By far my favourite TV show of all time - I am a major geek when it comes to this show - seriously.. ask me anything! Favourite character? Buffy or Andrew. Favourite episodes? Something Blue, Once More With Feeling, The Wish, The Gift ......... oooo I just have too many!
is for Cinema - One of the things I love doing most in my spare time! I am such a movie lover and going to the cinema and seeing a new film with a bag of popcorn on my lap is perfect!

is for Disneyworld - Everyone knows I am a Disney obsessive so I had to include the happiest place on earth! I LOVE Disney and everything about it. I cannot wait to go back to Florida in September!

is for Eating - haha this makes me sounds like a right fatty! Got to love FOOD! Favourite foods - chocolate, Christmas dinner and macaroni cheese (preferably my Mum's!)

is for Festivals - where I live (check out the letter I!) has 2 major Festivals each Summer and the year just isn't the same without them - I always have the best time! Highlights have been seeing N.E.R.D., Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Christina Perri and going on the bumer cars with Kate Moss back in 2007!

is for Glamour - Got to have some in your life! Make-up, hair, fashion - got to have some glitz and glam! 

is for Holidays - Something everyone loves doing - weather it's from going with my parents when I was a kid or getting drunk with my girls over the last few years, I have the best holiday memories!
is for Isle Of Wight - My home, I have lived here my whole life and I love it. There's no place like home and this place is beautiful. Appley beach is one of my favourite places in the world.

is for Joey - Boyfriend, Bestie and Roomie. Been with this guy since 2007 and wouldn't change him for the world.

is for Kirstie - That would be me. Writer of the blog, taker of the photos, tweeter of the tweets ... HI! Make my day, click here and hit follow?!

is for Life - Make the most of it. 

is for Make-up - that was a bit of an obvious one! Make-up is one of the things in life that I have a passion for, I love spending money, time and effort on! (it is also for Musicals - one of my favourite things.... I just wish I could be in one!)
is for 'New Post' - I am loving writing new posts everyday - my blog is my favourite hobby, I love putting all my spare time and effort into it. It makes me happy.

is for Opportunity - this year I want to try and take every one that I get.

is for Photographs - The greatest way to capture a moment and a memory <3

is for Queen - In my opinion one of the greatest bands ever to have been created. Freddie Mercury is a ledgend and We Will Rock You the musical is one of the best I've ever seen. 
is for Rock Challenge - some of my favourite memories of being a teenager are the 5 years at high school doing Rock Challenge! My school was obvs amazing (totes biased!) we went to Germany every year to compete in the European comp and I just loved being the choreographer for 3 years of it!

is for Springer Spaniels - My lil pups! If you've followed my blog for a while or follow me on twitter you know I my family have 2 Springer Spaniels - they are the cutest.

is for Taylor Swift - I love her and her music. This is the artist I could listen to on repeat all day everyday, being front row at The Red Tour was a dream come true.

is for Unbelievably amazing friends - I cannot even begin to start writing about how these people just make my life complete. The greatest girls and gay you will ever meet, I could not live without them.
is for Voldemort .... H was taken so this is how I'm getting Harry Potter into my Life in Letters! I am such a Harry Potter fan - I still don't understand how people don't like it!

is for Wizard Of Oz - Well you can tell from my blog name that I am a fan, always have been since I was little, I just love Judy Garland - my home is just full of Wizard Of Oz themed things.

is for xoxo to all you lovely readers, followers and friends - you make me smile  :)

is for Youtube - a site that I have been glued to for years and one of the reasons I started this blog. There are so many people I am subscribed to from daily vloggers like the Shaytards to the obvious beauty babes like Zoe, Blair, Elle & Beth Mota! I just wish I had the confidence and time to do my own videos.

is for Zzzzzzzzzz - I like to sleep... alot. Oh & Zac Efron, who doesn't love Zac Efron?

I tag these 6 beauts .....

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  1. Such a cute entry! I haven't been tagged but I think I might just do it anyway! It is such a fabulous idea!! Enjoyed reading it!

    Anna xx

  2. Such a lovely tag! X

  3. Will definitely be doing this tag! x

  4. I LOVE Buffy! :) I loved getting to know you more through this post :)
    xo T

  5. Finally got some time to read this tag! This is so interesting! I'm starting on it now! ;)

    Thanks for tagging me!



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