Friday, 28 March 2014

Product Of The Week #8

Now you may have heard.... I've got a new phone!
Yup I am now the proud owner of a beautiful gold iPhone 5s! After having my 4s for two years I was so excited to get the pretty upgrade that I had had my eye on for so long!

But being my new little baby I obviously wanted to keep it safe and in one piece - no scratches please!
So I decided to order a couple of cheap cases from eBay to keep me going until I could afford a particular more expensive one when I got paid!
Now this case may be cheap but it certainly doesn't look or feel it! For only £2.89 (and free p&p) I am so impressed and so in love with this case!
I have never had a flip case for my iPhone's and was never really a fan before but I wanted to take really good care of this phone as it is mine for the next 2 years so I thought this would definitely give it a bit more protection!
I love the floral pattern (very Cath K) and the little section for cards is perfect for a night out or when I'm just popping out to the shop - no purse required!

You can find these here on ebay - there are loads of different patterns an even though they are shipped from hong kong - mine got here in just over a week! 
AND I'm just seen they have gone DOWN in price so are now only £2.16 at the moment - totes  Barry bargain!



  1. This is really cute - and such a great price too! I need something like this for my iPhone as it offers more protection, especially since my screen is already cracked.

    Holly /

  2. I LOVE ebay bargains like this, gorgeous cover! I have had such bad luck with shipping in the past but this is worth the risk xxxx

  3. Ebay is the best place for phone cases! I've spent many hours in bed, when I can't sleep, lusting over all of the phone cases. x

  4. This is so pretty and can't believe how cheap it is! x

    Sweet Dreams

  5. What a pretty case! so sweet.

  6. £2..16? Cor, that would be rude not too!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  7. That case is absolutely gorgeous! I could totally do with a flip case with a card holder- I've gotten into a habit of attaching my card to my phone with a hair band when it's just a quick trip to the shop haha!


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