Friday, 21 March 2014

Product Of The Week #7

Another week, another bargain product (or in this week's case 'products') that I have been loving!
A couple of newbies in my life that have been incorporated into my grueling daily/weekly beauty routine are this week's Product Of The Week. 

Introducing Botanics All Bright Cleansing Foam Wash & All Bright Purifying Face Scrub.

A fab duo that have made themselves at home in my bath/shower and have been there every morning waiting for me!
"Hibiscus is nature's brightness booster." - and these two are full of it!
The soap-free foam wash is something I've been using every morning in the shower! This is great for waking up my skin and prepping it for all that slap I like to add to my face daily! 
My skin feels detoxed and super cleansed after every wash and I'm starting to notice the brightening qualities aswell!
The scrub is something for once maybe twice a week - a great way to buff the skin and has kept it looking and feeling funky fresh! I love how smooth it leaves my face feeling and works so well with the matching wash to give a deep clean!

I've only used a few product from Botanics but I've been really impressed ... and they aren't that expensive either - especially with all the offers Boots always seem to have on! 



  1. I am discovering lots of lovely products from Botanics range too! I really like the waterproof eye makeup remover. It's so gentle. I swear by L'Oreal's makeup remover (the blue liquid) which you have to shake to mix the 2 liquids up. Botanic's remover is the same, except it's dark brown liquid and a bit more oily than L'Oreal. I love also the Super Balm for dry patches on nose (sometimes, over scrubbing I think). Also the body butter with rose hip oil. It's really thick but melts into skin. I even use it on my feet as foot cream. :)

  2. I've never actually used the Botanics range, for some reason I always walk straight past it in Boots, but I might take a look now! The prices are really good. And I do love a good facial scrub :)

  3. I have always seen the Botanics range but have never picked anything up. I am on the hunt for a new facial scrub so i'll be sure to check it out. Great review.


  4. So diving into a boots asap, I didn't expect the prices to be as good as they are after a quick peek online :) x

  5. I have 2 '100 points' when I buy any bionice product and I have no idea what to get but I want another 2 pound on my card lol. Thank you for sharing :) and

  6. I must try Botanics, the scrub sounds so good!



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