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Kirstie's Travel Diaries #15 : Flying to San Francisco

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Day 15 (14/03/12)

Our time in LA was up - there were some major sad faces looking at us in the mirror but only for a split second because it was time to head north up the west coast to the legendary San Francisco!
We'd packed our bags and were up and ready to go bright and early! We wanted to go and say a little goodbye to Hollywood so we popped next door to the Hollywood & Highland centre where we got some super nutritious breakfast of..... Nestle toll house cookies *yum* and walked down to see the walk of fame for the last time!
Our flight wasn't until early afternoon but we knew traffic in LA was pretty horrendous at times so we left ourselves plenty of time to get to the airport and get checked in before departing the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles!
And yes we were a bit OTT with our luggage.....and it only got worse as the trip went on!
Of course there was only one person taking us to LAX and that was our fabulous driver Harry (remember him?) and as always he had us in hysterics from the moment he loaded our suitcases into his car!
We talked about "the Kim Kardashian, the bling bling, the rappers" and after alot of giggles, some final LA sight seeing and drive up to a limo to try and check out who was inside we were at LAX and saying our goodbyes! (we definitely should have given him a bigger tip - sorry Harry!)
For a second when we arrived we suddenly had a feeling of dread that we were in the wrong airport - we hadn't seen any signs for LAX and we just felt a bit lost.... that didn't last long though and obviously we were both just being a bit blonde - opps!

Went to check in and my friend's suitcase once again was too heavy so it was time to take things out and ram them into any nook and cranny in our bags that was left! 
Then security... and it was the first time I had ever been in a body scanner thingy-ma-jig! A very strange feeling! 
An airport trip wouldn't be an airport trip without a Macdonalds and a Pinkberry - lunch complete we headed to a shop, picked up Jessica Simpson's issue of Elle and went our gate to start waiting.

Our plane was delayed - which wasn't fun but it was only for an hour or two so it went quite quickly thank god! Before we knew it we were on our 50minute flight up to San Fran and the fact I had my face in Mockingjay for the whole flight made it 'fly' by!
The weather in San Fran was well... pants - which wasn't a fabulous start but we are from England we are used to clouds, wind and rain!

We hailed a taxi to take us to our hotel which was in the general part of town, which ended up being a pretty tight squeeze with all our bags and my suitcase ended up riding shotgun which we found hilarious!
We checked into our hotel which was in a great location - in the middle of the hussle and bussle of the stores and tram line and had a good old sit down! What is it about traveling that makes you so tired?!

Our room was .... well it was blooming well tiny - with our suitcases down on the floor it was hard to move around and after having a whole apartment in LA it felt even smaller! 
But, we didn't care we were having a great time and that's all that matters!
We decided to brave the rain and pop out to find some dinner - and what we did find was Westfields - oh yes this mall was HUGE with every store you could think of in it! I couldn't wait to come back in the day and have a good old fashioned shopping spree!
Subway was our meal of choice - lazy I know, we took it back to the hotel and had an early night ready to explore San Francisco in the morning!

NEXT POST - Hello San Fran & The Pretty Reckless Gig!


  1. I really enjoy reading these posts. I'm desperate to go travelling when I graduate from uni!X

    Life of a Trainee Journalist

  2. Ahhhh this is such a lovely post! I love traveling posts and seeing where people are going! ^_^

  3. Love your LOVE PINK bag :)


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