Thursday, 6 March 2014

Dress Like Disney #3 : Aurora, Jasmine & Pocahontas

Hello fellow Disney lovers! 
I am back again with 3 more high street make-overs for 3 of our favourite leading ladies! Yes, this post it's time for Aurora, Jasmine and Pocahontas to take the spotlight!

If you missed out on the previous 2 posts then you can check out the links below :



What do you think girls? I've been loving all your comments on these so far!

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  1. Aurora was always my favorite princess and I love that outfit. It's so Ariana Grande, and I absolutely love her style. Great post hunn.

    xoxo Cay from

  2. I love this series that you've done. <3 Though it does make me want to go out and spend money. xD

    Popping Pout

  3. Omg I love Arura's out fit. I can't believe you found such a good moden match for Jasmines necklace! I want so many of these out fits now :) loved these outfits xXx

  4. i love this idea, you did such an amazing job placing these pieces together. Aurora is super adorable but i love them all.

  5. Amazing, original series so thoughtful :) I love the whole Pocahontas look it gets me right in the mood for festival season and is a change from all the pastels xxx

  6. OMG that pink dress! So gorgeous! x

  7. I am so much loving this series! You're doing a spectacular job of choosing just the right modern items for these women. I have to say this time Aurora is my favorite. She's my favorite Disney princess and I love that you gave her a super pink feminine look!

  8. I love that pink dress, it's so cute x

  9. I love your Disney princesses series!! Such makeover I am sure the princesses would want to have these outfits on them! :) Love Jasmine's outfit, and Pocahontas! So chic! :)

  10. Amazing outfit choices here again! Jasmine is by far my fave, such a great interpretation and love that jumpsuit x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  11. Really great outfits you've put together love the Jasmine one :)

    H, xo

  12. you're so good at finding this stuff! I love the Aurora look - can just imagine it with big bouncy blonde hair ! x

  13. I love the Jasmine look, that jumpsuit is beautiful and such a perfect spring shade.


  14. Absolutely love all three of these!! This is such a great series of posts :) xx

    D Is For...

  15. I love the Aurora outfit! It's soo pretty! :)


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