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Dieting & Me : #3 My Top Tips

Post number 3 is here! To catch up here is where we've got to so far... 
This time I'm going to share with you girls (and possible boys) some of my top tips for shifting those few unwanted pounds and feeling better about yourself! 
Like I've said before I am in no shape or form a trained dietitian or fitness expert but these are things that I have learnt over the years and things that have worked for me! 

This is fairly text heavy, so make yourself comfortable and get your reading brain in gear.
Now... let's turn that self-esteem around and make ourselves look and feel fabulous!
1. H20 - Yes, any dieting tips you will ever read will probably more often than not have this as the number 1 top tip! 
Water has so many benefits I could be here all day jotting them all down! If you aren't a water drinker then it is time to change your ways! It is such an easy step to take and water is free so there is no excuse for this one! (Don't like water? Add a slice of lemon or lime!)
It helps boost your metabolism, keeps your brain working and helps you remain focused and keeps you feeling full. So if you think you're hungry then have a glass of water (colder is better as it  makes your body work harder to regulate its temperature again) alot of the time the hunger you feel is actually dehydration!

2. Get into a routine - Being in a routine has always helped me immensely. Getting up and having a healthy breakfast like high fibre cereal or porridge and/or fruit to kick start your morning everyday is a fantastic way to kick start your metabolism and will have you motivated and energetic for the day ahead! Having lunch and dinner at the same sort of time each day helps alot too! Just a few days into setting yourself into 3 meals and your body will get used to the routine and you won't feel hungry as much and end up unnecessarily snacking (with biscuits in front of Eastenders) - score!
3. Have a Buddy - Having some to talk to in the same situation and on a similar journey is always a bonus! Whether it's a friend, a family member or maybe even just someone on Twitter or Instagram having someone you know is in the same position as yourself is always motivating!
 Talk about your cravings, your progress and your achievements - it will help keep you going... and if you're anything like me and competitive then it will help spur you on even more!

4. Don't Go Cold Turkey Or Under Eat  - A mistake a lot of people make when deciding to go on a diet is just going full-on diet crazy and cutting our more or less everything they think is bad!
 This is definitely something I would say don't do! Just slowly start to cut out a few things a week - maybe start with swapping fizzy drinks for water, having 1 biscuit instead of 4 or not eating after 8pm.
 Each little difference, as small as it is, will have an effect! If you suddenly just start living off soups, salads and fruit only you will only crave the foods you want more and will have a high chance of snapping and quickly reverting back to your own ways (and stuffing you face with those things you've missed!) .
As well as this under eating will not help you lose weight. Eating 1000 calories a day, yes will help you loose weight at first, but as soon as you go back to eating normally your body will just cling to all that extra food and those pounds will pile back on - it is a proven fact!

5. Keep a Diary/Get The Apps - Keeping a food diary is a great way to keep track of your progress and it is great to see where your downfalls are aswell. Apps like My Fitness Pal are amazing for this. You can write in everything you eat and what physical activity you do each day and it calculates for you everything from your calorie intake to what % of fat you had that day! 
The one thing with this though is you need to be HONEST. If you "forget" to add in or write down that sneaky snickers bar you had at 7pm it doesn't mean you didn't eat it - the only person you are lying to is yourself!

6. Avoid Those White Devils - I made a conscious effort a long while ago to swap all those white things for wholegrain!
 Breads, pastas, rice, you name it - I always have brown/wholemeal. With these I feel so much less bloated than when I ate white and they are so much better for you! A great source of fibre and it makes eating carbs alot less naughty! Just swapping your bread over will make you feel a million times better believe me!

7. Treat yourself - Cheat day is something I am all for! There are always going to be times when you seriously fancy that chocolate bar or some cheeky sweets! I think one day a week is fine to relax and eat what you want! Without these days it would definitely be harder to keep up the dieting and when you've been good a treat really does feel like a treat, not an everyday snack!

8. Make Your Goals Realistic & Attainable - Now I did touch on this back in my 'Motivation' post! We all need goals that are attainable. Wishing to loose half a stone in a week is pointless. It is isn't going to happen. Nor is staring at photos of Michelle Keegan - you aren't her so don't strive to be like her. Look at photos of yourself, photos you have from when you've felt better about yourself - you know you can look like that so go for it! Making small goals is the key - loosing 1 lb a week for a month or cutting out crisps for 2 weeks, these are goals that can be done, go for it and you'll be ticking off your accomplishments before you know it!

9. Green Tea - "ewww" will be alot of yours reactions to this one but I have to say - I swear by this stuff! 
I thought I'd give it a go about 3 years ago and I've never looked back! I could drink this all day everyday, I love it and can drink unto 10 cups a day! The fact it comes with so many benefits is a bonus! It boots metabolism, is a great source of anti-oxidants, lowers stress levels, seriously hydrating and a perfect 0 calories per cup! The list goes on! And if you aren't a fan... try green tea with lemon, or ginger! Just don't add sugar... that defeats the object!

10. Swap Your Snacks - Snacking is one of those things that no-one can seem to agree on. One diet tells you to snack on small portions all through the day and others tell you to just stick those 3 main meals! Who knows?!
I'd say if you're hungry, you've had a drink and you're still hungry - the eat! Just make sure what your snacking on is helping not hindering your hardwork!
Instead of picking up that packet of crisps or an easy chocolate bar option - swap it! Fruits, salad, veggies, nuts, some yogurts - these things are great ideas for simple snacks! 
I also Love Ryvita and Special K products! Ryvita bites/thins are great tasting and have hardly any calories - perfect for an inbetween meals munch!

11. Never Shop Hungry & Avoid Those Unnecessary Extras  - Something which you may not have noticed is when you go food shopping. If you go shopping before a meal when you're a bit peakish you are 100x more likley to over spend and come out with things you had no intention of buying! The best thing to do is go after a meal or when you are just not hungry and write a list! Only write down what you need - try and get in and out as quick as your can, avoid those tempting offers and save both money and unwanted calories!
Same as what I said in my last post aswell, plan your meals, take your lunch to work - this will save you money and you will be less likley 

12. Keep Moving - Just 20-30 mintues a day, whatever it is it is better than sitting on your butt! Walking, running, zumba, the gym - get out there and work it girl! 

13. Be Patient - Patience is key. Don't get disheartened if after a week you feel the same and have only shifted half a pound - everything comes in time! The longer you keep at the the easier it will get. 
Try and only weigh yourself once a week - same day, same time, same clothes - this will give you an accurate reading of your progress! 
You will get there in the end - the more progress you see the more motivated you will feel! Take before photos as you may not feel a change over time but looking at photos you will see how far you've come! (I've added a few of mine for you... cringe at 2011 me!)





  1. I love these tips for dieting that you shared. I think they are great for just living a healthier lifestyle in general! Green tea is awesome...Snacking is ok to me if the snack is healthy/low fat/low sugar, ya know? But I have a hard time snacking on JUNK! :) I like your tip to gradually eat healthier instead of going crazy at the start. I'm following your blog now...xo

  2. Love it! :D
    MyFitnessPal is my favourite thing in the world right now and it has seriously helped me so far. It's a slow process if you want to lose weight in a healthy way of course, but I can definitely tell that I am improving.
    I swear by green tea as well and I would never give it up! A glass of water followed bya cup of green tea in the morning is my routine now. :)


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