Sunday, 23 March 2014

Dieting & Me : #1 Falling Off The Wagon

Now.... me, I, Kirstie never really had to think about dieting or about what I ate until I hit about 20 years old (2010)! 
This was not a good time in my life, I put on a couple of stone and was at rock bottom! But before my trip to America I turned it all around and lost 2 stone (you may have read my weightloss post) and since then I have more or less kept it off apart from a certain half a stone or so that likes to float up and down (bastard)!

At the beginning of this year I was feeling a bit low after Christmas and New Year's pig-outs (I'm sure I wasn't the only one) and decided to avoid the junk and try and loose a few lbs! And I did it, a few weeks into the new year and I was down 5lbs and feeling alot better about myself.

Well...... that was then and this is now! 

The past month or so I have slowly fallen back into those bad habits I hate myself for and the pounds I had said goodbye too have decided to show their ugly wobbly faces again!

SO I thought it was about time I changed my diet for good - none of this start and stop dieting and not just to loose a few pounds but to also be healthy! 

I've really started to take a good look at what I'm eating and it is just not the healthy balanced diet that my body deserves!
 I feel like I'm ruining myself - and it is all my own doing!
Laziness and unnecessary over-snacking are definitely my downfall (not too mention sugar) and I'm really looking to change the way I look at food and finally getting myself into a healthy routine and stick to it!
This is where these new posts come in! 
I thought writing about dieting,weight and health would not only be a different blog series for A Yellow Brick Blog to look at but would also be a great help for me to keep determined and stay on the right track! So even if none of you check this out I'm am writing these for myself!
I am in NO way saying that I am a nutritionist or expert on the subject, I'll just be writing about whats worked/working for me and how I feel!

As summer is on the way I'm sure, like me, alot of you have holidays booked  - and the thought of a bikini right now makes me want to hide under my duvet until the leaves fall off the tree's and it's Autumn again - I want this to change, I want to be excited about that summer wardrobe and all the SS14 trends!

So it begins, I'm going to be talking about getting motivated and the best ways to keep that motivation, the changes I am making/have made, my top tips and hopefully eventually share some updates and results with you all! 

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  1. Yay I am really looking forwards to keeping up with these posts! I've yoyoed for years and finally now feel like my diet, lifestyle and general outlook are in a positive place! So your new posts will be motivating me to continue- as well as just yourself :-) and if you need any support just tweet me and we can help each other step awaaay from the cake!
    Rosie x

  2. Cannot wait for the new series. I've been eating alot better lately and it makes me feel sooo good. I love these kind of posts because I find them really encouraging and inspiration. Cannot wait to see what's in store for us :) good luck babes

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  3. I love this! I'm trying my best to stick to a clean healthy balanced diet at the moment but it's not always easy. I'm tracking my progress on my blog too if you fancy a wee read :) Good luck!

    Christy x
    another weekend without make-up

  4. good luck to you hun , i am trying to go down the healthy food path , i am tempted by to many sugary treats and snacks and fizzy pop ! i am rethinking it now :)
    The Inked Blonde-Mel

  5. Love this!! I feel the same, I also want to document it via my blog to help me stay on track :)) fab post!! XxxX

  6. I am trying to eat healthy but I'm a sucker for snacking. I work out and use my Fitness Pal app to help me keep on track.


  7. Looking forward to reading all about it. Good luck Kirstie x

  8. I love health and fitness posts :) I've been making small changes since January like drinking more water, swapping potatoes for sweet potato and eating a main evening meal made up on protein, veg and a small serving of carbs (sweet potato) for dinner most nights. I look forward to reading about your journey :)

  9. YOU GO GURLLLLLL!! I love these types of posts, I changed my life (aka diet and fitness regime) 11 months ago and have never looked back, you can do it!!

    Holly Mixtures


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