Thursday, 20 February 2014

Throwback Thursday : Essex Memories

I love a bit of Throwback Thursday - weather it's on instagram, twitter, facebook or like today - herem I love looking at everyone's old photos (especially if they are some funny childhood photos!).
Reminiscing is so much fun = photos hold the best memories and a picture's really do say 1000 words!
Knowing that the all important TOWIE is coming back to our screens this weekend (wahoo) I thought this week I'd share some photos of when me and my friends made the crazy journey to Brentwood for a weekend!
This was over a year ago now - we went in Nov 2012 for my friend's 21st birthday! It was so much fun... although we had ALOT that didn't go to plan - which, luckily, we can seriously laugh about now!

I can't believe how much me and my friends have all changed in just over a year (my hair is so short!!) - crazy! I'd definitely go back to Essex - was a great couple of nights out!

Send me your #TBT photos on twitter or instagram - or link them below!



  1. looks like you had fun! I secretly love Towie haha! I write #throwbackthursday posts too! If you fancy a peek mine are here:

  2. ahh i really want to go to essex! and your hair doesn't look short at all :o ha! you pretty little lady :)
    I've only been out around Brighton down that end and that was such a laugh.
    I might start doing these TBT posts :) It's great to look back at good times from time to time xxx

  3. Looks like you had a ton of fun, Kirstie! Was Sugarhut just like how you imagined it/just like in the show? My friend who went said that there was a ton of TOWIE wannabes there (little does she know that totally would have been me! :p).

    Can't wait to go there one day!


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