Monday, 24 February 2014

The Pretty Little Liars Tag

Hanna, Aria, Spencer, Emily and, of course, Alison - the Pretty Little Liars. 
If you haven't heard of these girls then ..... where have you been?!
I've been obsessed with PLL since I read the first book years ago and the TV show has me on the edge of my sofa every week - I love it!
After lots of twitter and whatsapp conversations with a few other lovely bloggers we have decided to be the ultimate fans and start a  Pretty Little Liars tag post!

Katie, Rebecca, Estelle, Gemma, Tanyia (make sure you click on those links and check out my girls!) and I decided to come up with one question each for everyone to answer about PLL and it's characters! So here we go - off to Rosewood....
1) Katie: Alison made her return to rosewood in her statement red coat. What is your wardrobe statement piece?
Now I would love to say I'm all glamorous like posh spice and my statement piece is a little black dress but alas... only in my dreams! I think the staple piece in my wardrobe has to be my high-waisted black skinny jeans from New Look.
 Whenever I have no idea what to wear or am in a rush, I near enough always chuck these on! I love that I can dress them down with a sweater and converse or dress them up and wear them on a night out with a cute blouse or crop top and heels - they are a life saver! Oh and my tartan scarf... I love that thing!

2) Kirstie (aka me!): If you could raid anyone's wardrobe who's would it be?
Asking a question to myself.. now that's strange!
 I think it would have to be Aria's! She is always looking so glam but cool at the same time and she always seems to have a total uniqueness about her style - who wears that to school seriously? I wish I could of pulled that of daily when I was 16/17! Her ensemble's are always on point, I love it!
High five to whoever pulls the outfits for Lucy Hale! 
3) Rebecca: Which cast member would you go to if you had a problem?
I would go to Emily. She seems really kind, caring and she always keeps a secret. 

4) Estelle: Which character's personality do you think you most relate to? 
I think all the girls are so different that I'd like to think I'm a little like all of them! Level headed and sensible like Spencer, girly, fun and a bit ditsy like Hanna, caring, kind and sensitive like Emily and a bit stylish (hopefully) like Aria!

5) Gem: Which of the character's makeup would you most like to wear? 
Hanna. She seems to change it up the most of out all the characters and I feel like I relate to her most aswell because she's the only blonde! 
Saying this.... someone please give me Lucy Hale's eyebrows - they are perfect.
6) Tanyia: Which of the cast would you feel safest with when stuck in an A situation?
I'm sure everyone is going to say the same here ... Spencer! She is smart, quick-thinking and always making sure everyone else is okay aswell! I think I'd trust her most to keep us safe and knowing how to handle the situation!
If you are a PLL fan like us then join in with tag and make sure you let us know if you do - weather it be on your blog, youtube, in the comments below or even on Twitter - we would love to see your answers!

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  1. ahhh love this tag, i'm so jumping on the bandwagon and doing it! haha.


  2. I think i might have to do this, seems like such a fun tag and i love this show!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  3. Ahh, I love PLL so much. It is a massive guilty pleasure, but it's just so good! I watch online to keep up with America, because the suspense gets too much for me! I loved reading this, I don't know anyone who watches it, so I don't have anyone to get excited with, which made this the perfect post for me :) My favourite is Spencer, but Hanna is a close second, I think I find them the funniest and also the most realistic (if PLL and realistic could ever be a thing!) xx

  4. Woo! It's great to read all the responses! I totally agree about Lucy Hale's eyebrows!

    Rebecca x
    My version here: xx

  5. Such a great post. I love your blog it's such an enjoyable read :-)
    Beth x

  6. I've just posted this tag on my blog, it wold be great if you could check it out :)

  7. I love PLL so much, I'm so happy to find people in the blogging world who love it too. If anybody says that Spencer isn't the one they'd like to be stuck with, they're lying!! I'll be doing this tag on my blog yay :) ox

  8. I love this tag! I did it on my blog. :D


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