Friday, 21 February 2014

Product Of The Week #3

It is Friday - happy weekend girls and boys! Another week has past (nearly) so here is another product of the week for you!
This week it is a slightly different item - a candle! 
Yup it's the Simply Home Yankee Candle in Sweet Pea. 
I love love love candles, I mean... who doesn't? I love having them burning at home - there's nothing better than a good smelling home.
This was a little surprise gift for Valentine's from my boyfriend. We don't normally do presents so this was really out of the blue - major boyf points to him!
I love the sweet pea scent - always have done. When I was in America I got so much Sweet Pea from Bath & Both Works, it is my favourite!
This sweet smelling beauty has been burning everyday since I got it! It has overtaken my previous fav yankee candle - black coconut ... sorry coconut - nothing personal!

What are your favourite candle scents? If you like sweet scents - check this badboy out!

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  1. I love vanilla scented candles and need to start branching out haha so may just have to add this to my list hehe xxx

  2. I am burning this too at the minute and I absolutely love it x

  3. I need to get this into my collection. Sounds like a beautiful candle.

  4. I'm in love with this candle, I smell it every time i go in asda so can't wait to get my hands on it x

  5. I just got the new spring scents and I'm really liking them :)

    Nicola //


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