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Kirstie's Travel Diaries #14 : Horse Riding In Hollywood & 21 Jump Street Premiere

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DAY 14 (13/03/12)

It was our last day in Hollywood, our last day in Los Angeles.... but luckily not our last day in California (keep reading to find out our next stop)! I was definitely not ready to leave the west coast just yet either ( it was so nice to have some sunshine after the freezing temps of NYC!).
We had been looking through all the leaflets, posters and other tourist type information in our hotel and something which we had wanted to do but had not yet picked up the courage was to go horse-riding.
Now I hadn't been horse-riding since I was a tiny child and even then I think it was just at a fete or something, going round in a circle.... and maybe even that was a Donkey - I only remember that because my parents have photos of it!

So yes, horse-riding was our plan for the day, and seeing as we had been good and packed most of our stuff the night before, we got up early and prepared ourselves for some cowboy action!
We called our lovely driver, the awesome and hilarious Harry, who picked us up just before midday and took us on the short journey to our destination - Sunset Ranch in Griffith Park. (and we're not the only ones to have had some fun here....)
We rocked up, paid and filled out some forms (basically so we couldn't sue) - left our bags and things... apart from our cameras of course, with the lovely people at the ranch and joined the queue.
We waited for their to be a group large enough to take out, got our helmets on (totes sexy) and then e were assigned our individual horses.
Now ... my first horse I hopped on didn't really want to co-operate and started to head back into the stables... with me on him! 
Now I am a total beginner at horse-riding and anything to do with it so I was bloody hopeless. All I could think to do was shout "umm... someone?" whilst my friend watched on crying with laughter!
My horse taking me on a ride the wrong way - HELP!
Needless to say I was off that horse and on a happier horse in seconds!

Up the trail we started and it suddenly occurred to me about the fact that I could be scared of this experience and actually... I really was, I was terrified.
I decided to cover up my wimpy-ways with laughter - I couldn't stop. My friend on the other hand decided to scream and shout - which in the end made it such a hilarious experience I still laugh about it to this very day.
The fact we were so high up made it scary enough but the fact that the horses had to walk along to side of cliff made it even scarier! This was so that if there was a predator down there they'd be able to see it coming - at this point in time I wanted to get off and run back down to those stables BUT I was in Hollywood riding a horse next to the Hollywood sign with one of the most insane views I've ever seen - I needed to take this all in.
Back on our feet and feeling a tad safer we thanked the lovely ladies for looking after us dramatic Brits and called Harry for our ride home!
This journey was hilarious as Harry came out with some amazing stories about an unfortuate wedding and a crazy MJ fan he once had to drive around LA - he truly was a highlight of LA for us!

Time for food and a wonder round Hollywood & Highland before the exciting events of the evening.
We knew that the 21 Jump Street premiere was happening that evening right by our hotel at the Chinese Theatre and there was noway we were missing out on that (Channing Tatum alert)!
We waited for what felt like hours for the big stars at arrive and the crows that gathered were insane! 
A Hollywood premiere was a seriously exciting thing for us to witness (and you may hate me for the photos I'm about to share with you!)
Channing and Jonah turned up and it all went a bit crazy! Channing came over to where we were - I could not believe it. He was really nice, making time for everyone, taking photos and signing autographs! and YES girls he is more gorgeous in real life.
It was insane and the perfect way to finish off our trip to LA
Round the corner and back to our hotel to bed we went - our flight the next day was at about 12pm so we knew it was a fairly early start for us! Bye Bye Hollywood.

NEXT POST - Hello San Francisco! 

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  1. WOW WOW WOW I am blown away haha, I am a little jealous if i'm allowed to be ;) I am glad you had an amazing time sweetheart xxxx

  2. Looks like so much fun! Uber jealous haha! x

    The Beauty Scrapbook

  3. What an amazing time it sound sleek you had, the horse riding sounds a little crazy and scary but definitely worth and will be on my list of things to do if I go back to LA, the views are gorgeous

    Belle x Part of Belle's world

  4. LOL you are hilarious on that horse, Kirstie! I know exactly where that place is in Griffith Park, I pass it every time I drive to school! I'm glad that you enjoyed it though, despite the wondering horse, ha ha.

    So cool that you got to experience a premier while you were here! Did Jonah talk to you at all? He's such a cool guy!


    Shree | PorcelainShree ✝ Beauty & Lifestyle Blog ✝


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