Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Empties #4

Once again I have 5 products that I have used up, loved and now want to share with you lovely lot!
 Like I've said before it does take alot for me to finish a product to the very end as I have an addiction to buying more - so I'm always dipping in and out of different things!
 I think being on a Spending Ban lately is definitely helping me get through the products I already own! Buying less is showing me what I already have to try out and what I have to use up still!
(Also... yay for a bit of sunshine in my photos!)
1. Lee Stafford My Big Fat Healthy Hair 
Having loads of shampoos and conditioners floating all around my flat I decided that before I bought any more to clutter up the place I needed to use up what  I had! This was one of the first I grabbed! We all know I love a bit of Lee Stafford and this is one of the many that I have of his. This left my hair feel soft, smooth and alot fuller than normal with a great bit of lift - one that I would 100% re-buy.

2. Joules Sensational Skin Body Wash Souffle
You may remember this being on A Yellow Brick Blog last year when I reviewed a lovely bath set from Joules for Christmas! I loved the whole set but this was my favourite product! A gorgeous souffle which felt like a skin conditioner - I've been obsessed with this for months and can't believe I used up the tub already, I haven't looked yet but I really hope Joules sell this all year round and not just at Christmas. (Original review)

3. Bath & Body Works Raspberry Pink Peony Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel
Yes, I am one of the anti-bac freaks! Total addicted. I love this scent of this - reminds me of being in LA & San Fran, I love when smells bring back memories.

4. Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer - Fair :
I know I'm not the only who's ranted and raved about this! This has been a life-saver for those pesky ages under my eyes! Fab fab fab high coverage stuff - I already had another one ready for when this one was a goner!

5. Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil - Hazel :
The only eyebrow pencil I have used in years and years, I swear by this one! Total bargain at £2.99 - works perfectly with my brow shade and is great to use before my HD Brows palette!

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  1. I love the Bath & Body works hand sanatizers!

  2. I really want to try the bath and body works hand gels!



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