Sunday, 9 February 2014

24 fun facts about Kirstie

 Yup I've hit the big 2-4. Yesterday it was my birthday so I thought why not celebrate by doing a quick 24 random fun facts about myself!
I love reading these posts by other people so hopefully this will seem readable to some of you! So here we go...
(Seriously how amazing are my friends!)
1. I didn't eat pizza until I was about 15,  until then I hated it. (Now I can't get enough!)

2. I LOVE the smell of new carpet, I seriously love going into carpet shops or the carpet section in B&Q.... Mmmmm!

3. I was once in a lift with Jason Biggs. After a flight from New York I turned round and noticed he was stood next to me - but I felt too tired and ugly to attempt to speak to him.... So I just stared like a weirdo.

4. I was named after Kirstie Alley.... My mum saw her name pop up on TV and fell it love with it - originally I was going to be called Charlotte or Emma.

5. I will always find Summer Heights High hilarious. One of the best shows ever.

6. This one time...... I kissed a seal. It's a long story. 

7. My favourite food has got to be chocolate but if I had to choose a favourite dinner it would either be Christmas dinner or my mum's macaroni cheese!

8. I am obsessed with musicals.

9. I met Kat Von D and Holly Madison on the same day - it was a good day.

10. My dream job would be a dancer on tour with a superstar like Taylor Swift or Katy Perry, it looks like the funnest job ever!

11. I have a serious love for cheesy 90s music. I could listen to it all day.

12. I support Portsmouth FC.

13. I've been dying my hair since I was about 12 - but I think I'm going to stick to blonde.

14. I had a mega drive when I was younger and am an incredible player of Sonic.

15. My dad once told me that conker shells were baby hedgehogs and I took them home and gave them lettuce and milk. It was only when I wanted to talk them in for show and tell that my Dad had to confess he was winding me up ... I was 4!!!

16. When I was younger my favourite animal was a mole.... which I find hilarious... what a strange child!

17. This month will be my Twitter's 5th birthday. The most exciting people to tweet me so far have been Paris Hilton & Khloe Kardashian.

18. I never take off the diamond ring I got for my 21st birthday.

19. I have 1 brother, he is 19 months younger than me.

20. I've never ever squeezed a spot - which most people find weird. Is that a bit of a gross fact?

21. I went to Katy Perry's California Dreams tour 3 times.

22. I've never had chicken pox.

23. I have a huge love for all things Dr. Seuss.

24. I own over 65 lipsticks. #freak

And if you wanted to know anymore useless information about yours truly then check out my 20 Facts post! (Although some of them aren't exactly correct any more!)

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  1. I love reading these and happy birthday for yesterday xx
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. Happy birthday for yesterday (just saw you through your tweet threw the hashtag #bblogger) I love your random facts :) can't believe you didn't like pizza! Isn't everyone's favourite food chocolate :) please check out my blog
    Sophie xXx

  3. Happy Birthday! I love Taylor Swift - I swear she is the voice of our generation :)

  4. Happy birthday! Hope you had a lovely day :)

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  5. Hope you had a good birthday! Love your facts - the thing about the conkers and hedgehogs made me laugh! xx

  6. Just reading through your blog (not stalking at all;)) and saw you suppoy Portsmouth in this post... Me too haha! Love your blog :)
    Kieren xx

  7. Ahhh a very late Happy Birthday lovely!!
    Hope you had a fab day...complete with TONNES of pizza - gurrrl you were still missing out for 15 years, lots of catching up to be done ;)

    Holly Mixtures


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