Monday, 13 January 2014

Herbal Essences Bee Strong Strengthening Intensive Mask Review

So after a busy Christmas and new year full of parties and seeing friends last week I realised  my hair needed a little something to bring it back to life and looking healthy!
Endless heat and styling over the holiday period had left it feeling drier and a bit more ratty than usual! (Not cool.)

So I decided to take matters into my hands and grab something to make it feel a little normal again!

One of my beautiful friends has recently mentioned that she has been using the new Bee Strong range from Herbal Essences and how much she was loving the results from it!
So when I saw that it was half price in boots I decided to grab the 200ml Strengthening Intensive mask to try out on my poor lifeless locks!
The last few years I have stayed away from your everyday drugstore branded haircare and stuck with the salon brands that I love like Lee Stafford and Charles Worthington.
 Even though other brands like Herbal Essences are cheaper I always felt like I went through the bottles so so quickly and was more or less spending the same by buying a slightly more expensive brand that lasted a lot longer!

But with the price for this weekly treatment mask being only £2.09 (half  the usual price of £4.19) and the Bee strong range being something I haven't tried before I thought I had nothing to loose by giving it a go!
(And let's me fair the fact Nicole Sherzy is promoting this stuff definitely makes me want to try it out....I'm a sucker!)
First of all the smell..... At first I really wasn't sure on it. It is meant to smell like honey but compared to other honey based products I have had in the past it didn't have that nice sweet scent to it!  
But nevertheless it isn't awful and it slowly got better the more I smelt it!
Once I have shampooed and conditioned my hair like normal I grabbed an egg sized amount of this stuff and whacked it all over my hair from root to tip!
I then left it in for around 3-5 minutes and washed out as normal!
This is advised be used once a week and that is how often I will be using it!
I always let me hair air dry unless I am going out somewhere and need to have it down and styled (hardly ever). I feel like my hair feels so much nicer and smoother if it is just left to dry naturally!

My first thoughts on my hair after using this product was 1. How much less frizzy my hair seemed to be once dried (a miracle!) 2. How much shiner it looked and 3. how much stronger and healthy my ends felt, I'm always worried they will look stringy and limp.

Overall I have been really pleased with the results from this mask! If you fancy a little pick me up for your hair , if it's feeling a bit damaged and dry, then go grab this while it's half price - it is a bargain and has even tempted me to try out the rest of the Bee Strong range - have any of you tried them out yet?
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  1. This sounds awesome! Anything that reduces frizz is a winner in my books! :)


  2. It's a shame about the scent! I love honey scented products but its definitely an acquired taste. I'm loving Bodyshop's Honeymania range at the moment so I'd love to give this mask a try!

    Demi | Kiss & Makeup

  3. I usually love cheap and cheerful hair masks but have found them to leave a greasy film on my hair since I got into my 20s (cry, getting old sucks). Must give this one a whirl, it sounds fab :)

    Lauren xx

  4. I'm definitely going to give this a try now, the shampoo & conditioner in the ranger were featured in my 2013 favourite and the fact they leave my hair so much less frizzy than any other shampoo & conditioner i've tried was one of the main reasons i'm such a big fan.

    Belle x Part of Belle's world

  5. I need this mask! My hair is such a state >.<

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

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