Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013 In Photos

Happy New Year you beautiful lot! 
2014 is here and I'm so excited for another year of life, laughs and adventures! 
I hope you all had a fab New Year's Eve whatever you may have done!
I thought I would do a quick post and share some of my favourite photos and memories of 2013! I've seen a few other people do this sort of post and I love looking through them so I thought why not do my own!

I've done so many fun things this year and looking back on these photos makes me so happy, Harry Potter Studios, an adventure to London, my best friend getting married,  getting my new puppy, Festivals - I had so much fun in 2013!
Bye Bye 2013 & Hello 2014

Keep your eyes peeled for lots coming up here at A Yellow Brick Blog in 2014!



  1. You're so lucky to have gone to Harry Potter Studios. :) ♥ I'm jealous.
    Lovely blog and happy new year.

    Abigail x


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