Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Celeb Style : Crosses

I'm always eyeing up celebs and their style - weather it be a pair of shoes, a jumpsuit or a necklace I always love seeing what their are wearing and how they've put it together and styled it.
What I'm going to be talking about today is something I've seen so many of my favourite celebrity's wearing over the years and that is crosses.
Weather it be a subtle ring, a necklace or an in-your-face  totally over the top cross - I can guarantee at least one of your favourite celebs has been spotted in one!
The trend is timeless.

Now I will be the first to hold my hands up and say I'm not a religious person (and this post has zero to do with religion) but I think this is a fabulous trend and this style can be worn by nyone!
From our princess Kate to Paris Hilton crosses are worn by so many gorgeous women (and men!) and with so many cool styles and designs to choose from it is no wonder they are so popular!
Here's a  few fashion fav crosses that have caught my eye across the web ...

Baring all this is mind and the fact it is only ONE week until Christmas too there is also a fab offer I wanted to let you girls and guys aware of!
The lovely people at Gemporia ( aka Gems TV on freeview 43 ) have this gorgeous 0.25ct sterling silver and diamond cross pendant  available to buy NOW.
Oooooo pretty! 
I love how simple and glamorous this is, like I said before -totally timeless. Gorgeous for yourself,  a best friend, your mum, your auntie, your nan - it is fab!
The necklace can be found HERE and is £99 BUT with special discount code exclusive for A Yellow Brick Blog readers you can get a whopping 10% off diamond jewellery. (Yup they are that nice!)
All you have to do it enter in the discount code 10DIAMOND and the first lucky 1000 customers on the Gemporia site with save 10%!

BUT there is also a live auction happening girls and boys which you can check out here at 9pm! That is the stuff that is live on the TV - so head over to freeview channel 43 at 9pm tonight (17th December 2013) and check it out!
The auction is a reverse auction so as people buy the product, the price will reduce - so keep your eyes peeled, wtch that £99 decrease and try and grab a bargain before they all go!

I just had to share this with you guys, I know it is a little more expensive than stuff I normally talk about but it is Christmas and maybe you are still looking for a nice present for someone! And boys if you're reading.... maybe a lady in your life deserves this?

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