Saturday, 28 December 2013

Boots Half Price Sale Haul Part 1

Hello again you lovely lot! 
So it has been nearly a WEEK since I last posted and it actually has felt like a lifetime. But in my defence it has been the week of festiveness (aka Christmas) so I have been super busy with family, friends and work (booo hiss booo) !
Now we all know what comes after Christmas (well ... all us beauty addicts know...) - the Boots half price sale! All those gifts, perfume sets and goodies with massive savings which you literally cannot say no too!

Obviously I got a little over excited and bought...LOADS - but this was totes acceptable as I bought alot of it with my advantage card points that I had been saving up! 
Because I have bought alot I thought I would spilt it into 3 different hauls... so here is Numero Uno! (these things were bought both online and in store!)

Taylor By Taylor Swift 30ml Gift Set
WAS £23 NOW £11.50
This was a no-brainer for me! Everyone knows that I love Taylor Swift! She is a total babe and I love her music. Obviously I already own this and it was actually in one of my monthly favourites posts back in the summer but I am just about to run out so this was perfect timing! As well as a bath gel and a body lotion you get the 30ml perfume - a bargain if ever I did see one! (and this may not be the only perfume set I bought.......)

Soap & Glory - Powder Trip 
WAS £20 NOW £10
Now this was something that I had eyed up before the sale but couldn't part we £20 before Christmas and the fact that the powder aren't in separate compacts did put me off a bit! But as it was half price I thought I'd give it a go as they are all products I have looked at individually! This set contains GLOW ALL OUT a Luminizing Face Powder, LOVE AT FIRST BLUSH a shimmer blushing powder and SOLAR POWDER a multi-shade bronzer. I've heard and read such great things about all 3 of these products so can't wait to try them out!

Baylis & Harding beauticology Mini Trio 
WAS £4 NOW £2
I bought this for both my Blogger Secret Santa's this year and was so jealous when I was wrapping them up! This is something I knew I was going to try and get when it went into the sale and I am so glad I managed to grab one online! Such yummy smells - I'm a sucker for yummy smells!

Boots Extracts Cocoa Butter Collection
WAS £10 NOW £5
Another bargain that I just couldn't say no too! The body butter alone is around £7 out on the shelves so why would I not want all 3 for just £5? I love cocoa butter - always have done, can't wait to use this trio!

Fearne Kiss & Tell Lip Set
WAS £10 NOW £5
Every year I seem to get some Fearne goodies from Boots. I don't have any lip crayons (shame on me I know) so I'm really looking forward to trying out these! 
Such a great range of shades and a sharpener included! Which is great as I always worry I'm going to ruin things like this with some of the sharpeners I own! For £1 per item... how could I not!

So there we have it - Haul #1 done! Keep your eyes peeled for numbers 2 and 3 which are coming up very soon! I bought such a wide range of different products which I am so happy with - I'm a total bargain hunter and love haring them with you all - have you guys bought anything in the Boots sale?!
(I am really sorry about the quality of my photos aswell at the moment, really struggling with good lightening where I work full-time, hopefully they will improve soon!)

Also a HUGE thank you to all you beautiful people as today I hit 800 followers on Bloglovin! Something I have wanted for so long and I'm nearly at 100,000 blog views aswell, I am so so chuffed and grateful to all of you - you make all this hard work even funner for me!



  1. Oh man why haven't I searched on the boots website yet, you got some amazing bargains!!

    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

    1. do it! I was on there Xmas eve... am I bit sad?! x

  2. Need to get myself down to Boots!!! Maybe tomorrow ;) those soap and glory powders look lovely, can't wait for part 2 and 3! xx

    1. Thy are gorgeous, may do a seperate post about them! Part 2 is up already :) x

  3. Those powders look so pretty but I'm a bit put off by the fact they're not separately packaged :/ Is the packaging sturdy enough for travel do you think? I also NEED those lip crayons! What a total bargain!

    1. Yeah really sturdy, just annoying that it is a bit bulky for a few powders! x

  4. Wowww what great bargains!! Can't believe I haven't been into Boots yet to check out the sale. Love their cocoa butter xx

    1. Get in there! So many bargains - especially when you work out how much stuff is individually, gift sets are well worth it! x

  5. You got some lovely things!! I'm yet to look in boots so I reckon everything has gone by now, but I'm going to look when I get a chance!

    Daisy x

  6. I can't believe I haven't even looked at the Boots website for sale items! For some reason, I never think of Boots during the sales.

  7. That soap and glory powder set is REALLY cool!!!! I can't wait to see parts two and three of your haul!


  8. You got some right bargains!!! I got the Taylor set for Christmas, I've wanted it so long, and I absolutely love it!
    Hannah xx


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