Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Boots Half Price Sale Haul Part 2

Here it is - part 2 of 3 of my Boots sale haul! If you haven't already seen part 1 then check it out - here.
If you also want to see any separate posts of individual products in more detail then let me know - that way when I've tried them out and have an opinion I know I won't be boring you with them!
The haul continues....

Soap & Glory Facetime
WAS £25 NOW £12.50
Hello bargain central once again! I am such a Soap & Glory fan and after only using a couple of their skincare products I thought this would be a perfect excuse to try some more! A set of 4 different products which are actually worth the original  £25 price tag if bought individually - so I saved myself a pretty penny here! It comes with the Puffy Eye Attack Turbo-Boost Hydragel, the Smooth Operator Lip Butter Balm, the Off Your Face Cleansing Wipes and the Feel Good Factor Translucent BB Cream (a fab primer/base).

Boots Extracts Body Butter Collection
WAS £8 NOW £4
Body Butters - you can't have enough of them! Not long until it will be summer and I'll be slapping these on left, right and centre! The 4 scents you get in this set are Cranberry, Coconut, Mngo & Cocoa Butter! Bring on the magical smells!

FCUK Eyeshadow Palette
WAS £12 NOW £6
A bit of make-up - horaay!! This caught my eye due to the range of colours! A gorgeous 15 shade palette from FCUK which I have swatched and it looks fab! I'm definitely going to try out some more daring looks in the upcoming future with this badboy! For only £6 - it's a steal!

Vintage Collection Photo Frame
WAS £8 NOW £4
I love buying bits for my flat and this cute little photo frame was a must-have! I'm thinking of putting it on my kitchen window sill , it will go perfectly in there... now who to put in it?!

Umberto Giannini Curl Friends Curl Define Hair Kit
WAS £10  NOW £5
I actually mainly bought this for the section separating grips included! I'm always struggling when I'm tying to curl my hair in different sections so these are going to be majorly helpful! I cannot wait to try the smooth curls shampoo and conditioner too and the scrunching jelly that I have heard so much about!

Soap & Glory Washful Thinking
WAS £10 NOW £5
Something I buy anyway so why wouldn't I buy this? I normally pay £5 for the hand wash and £7 for the hand food for my bathroom so this is a ridiculously great saving! My favourite head cream ever and they both smell lovley! 

Okay so that is Part 2 over - look out for Part 3 where I will be sharing the last 5 items from my Boots sale shop!


Monday, 30 December 2013

Seventeen Skin Wow! Tan Liquid Glow Review

Seventeen are a brand I have been loving this past year - one of my favourite products that I have gone on and on about time and time again has been the Skin Wow highlighter (review here) and they've only gone and done it again with the Skin Wow Tan Liquid Glow
As the skin wow highlighter was one of my favourite beauty finds of 2013 this was a no-brainer - I had to try it out.
When I saw it I immediately thought  to myself oooo first a highbeam dupe and now a sunbeam - and I was not far wrong although this product is more of a bronze shade than a gold!
Like the Skin Wow Highlighter this stuff has multiple uses for making you look glowing and fabulous!
 You can use it on your cheekbones to help give yourself a lifting, flattering summer shimmer (my personal fav), to help contour or even mix with your moisturiser and give your legs a gorgeous tanned sheen!
The photo does make it look a little orange - it isn't! Once blended in it gives a lovely healthy looking glow!
I think this product is going to be so perfect for the upcoming spring and summer months (not long to go now!) when we can all emphasize our tan's and healthy looking skin! Right now I may be a little too pale (although with a bit of foundation and fake tan I'm thinking I can use this also as a highlighter type product under my bronzer) but roll on summer where I'll probably be rocking this head to toe!
I am loving Seventeen - loads of their new products are becoming staples in my make-up bag, I can't wait to see what they come out with in 2014!

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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Review

Hello, hello, hello - is that a new primer I spy?
First it was baby lips and now Maybelline have released a new primer - Baby Skin!
All I did was spot this product from the corner of my eye and it was in my basket before I could even check out the price tag!
This is an instant pore eraser - lightweight primer. Now we all know how much I, Kirstie, love a good primer! I think I am actually addicted to buying them! 

This isn't like other primers that I own, this is a clear gel type formula (so if you aren't a fan of that type of primer then this is not the product for you I am afraid!).
 You don't need a lot - a pea-sized amount spreads a long long way. I apply it all over my face focusing on my forehead and nose the most!
This stuff helps to reduce pores (duh it says it on the tube!), makes your skin feel perfectly silky smooth, look more refined and perfect for make-up application!
I more or less always wear make-up if I am going out so, for me, I probably won't wear this on its own (because lets face it, that's a waste if I'm just sat at home!) but if you just want something to help shrink your pores and give your skin a quick pick me up - this is great!
My make-up glides on with this as a base and I can see this taking over as my daily primer!
This stuff is £7.99 for a 22ml and I highly recommend it for all you primer lovers out there - the days where I just put foundation on my face are definitely a long distant memory now!

Have you tried out Baby Skin yet? What are your favourite primers?

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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Boots Half Price Sale Haul Part 1

Hello again you lovely lot! 
So it has been nearly a WEEK since I last posted and it actually has felt like a lifetime. But in my defence it has been the week of festiveness (aka Christmas) so I have been super busy with family, friends and work (booo hiss booo) !
Now we all know what comes after Christmas (well ... all us beauty addicts know...) - the Boots half price sale! All those gifts, perfume sets and goodies with massive savings which you literally cannot say no too!

Obviously I got a little over excited and bought...LOADS - but this was totes acceptable as I bought alot of it with my advantage card points that I had been saving up! 
Because I have bought alot I thought I would spilt it into 3 different hauls... so here is Numero Uno! (these things were bought both online and in store!)

Taylor By Taylor Swift 30ml Gift Set
WAS £23 NOW £11.50
This was a no-brainer for me! Everyone knows that I love Taylor Swift! She is a total babe and I love her music. Obviously I already own this and it was actually in one of my monthly favourites posts back in the summer but I am just about to run out so this was perfect timing! As well as a bath gel and a body lotion you get the 30ml perfume - a bargain if ever I did see one! (and this may not be the only perfume set I bought.......)

Soap & Glory - Powder Trip 
WAS £20 NOW £10
Now this was something that I had eyed up before the sale but couldn't part we £20 before Christmas and the fact that the powder aren't in separate compacts did put me off a bit! But as it was half price I thought I'd give it a go as they are all products I have looked at individually! This set contains GLOW ALL OUT a Luminizing Face Powder, LOVE AT FIRST BLUSH a shimmer blushing powder and SOLAR POWDER a multi-shade bronzer. I've heard and read such great things about all 3 of these products so can't wait to try them out!

Baylis & Harding beauticology Mini Trio 
WAS £4 NOW £2
I bought this for both my Blogger Secret Santa's this year and was so jealous when I was wrapping them up! This is something I knew I was going to try and get when it went into the sale and I am so glad I managed to grab one online! Such yummy smells - I'm a sucker for yummy smells!

Boots Extracts Cocoa Butter Collection
WAS £10 NOW £5
Another bargain that I just couldn't say no too! The body butter alone is around £7 out on the shelves so why would I not want all 3 for just £5? I love cocoa butter - always have done, can't wait to use this trio!

Fearne Kiss & Tell Lip Set
WAS £10 NOW £5
Every year I seem to get some Fearne goodies from Boots. I don't have any lip crayons (shame on me I know) so I'm really looking forward to trying out these! 
Such a great range of shades and a sharpener included! Which is great as I always worry I'm going to ruin things like this with some of the sharpeners I own! For £1 per item... how could I not!

So there we have it - Haul #1 done! Keep your eyes peeled for numbers 2 and 3 which are coming up very soon! I bought such a wide range of different products which I am so happy with - I'm a total bargain hunter and love haring them with you all - have you guys bought anything in the Boots sale?!
(I am really sorry about the quality of my photos aswell at the moment, really struggling with good lightening where I work full-time, hopefully they will improve soon!)

Also a HUGE thank you to all you beautiful people as today I hit 800 followers on Bloglovin! Something I have wanted for so long and I'm nearly at 100,000 blog views aswell, I am so so chuffed and grateful to all of you - you make all this hard work even funner for me!


Sunday, 22 December 2013

No7 Beautiful Skin Purifing Exfoliator Normal / Oily Skin

I'm a sucker for scrubs and exfoliaters . I don't know what it is but I seem to have a million floating around my bedroom and bathroom, face exfoliators, body scrubs, foot scrubs - you name it I've tried it.
I have been using this particular facial exfoliator for the last month or so and thought it was about time I shared it with you guys!
It is the No7 Beautiful Skin Purifying Exfoliator for Normal/Oily skin.
Like I said this has been firmly in my skincare routine for about a month now and I have been loving it.
I have combination skin, it's pretty normal but over the last few years my forehead area has started to become alot more oily than before, so I thought I'd give this a go.
I use this in the shower about twice a week after I have removed my make-up (using my fav - Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish of course!) I probably use a pea/5p sized amount each time and work it gently all over my face avoiding my eyes ...duh!
Here's a photo of a blob on my hand..... and then another photo of the blob mushed around a bit on my hand.... fascinating I know! (but my hand is totes soft now!)
It warms up when in contact with the skin which is great as it helps open up your pores and give you a great deep clean. (and lets face it all of us need that now and again!)
The grains are small and also pretty gentle, as exfoliators go, I love the smoothed, refreshed feel it gives my skin after every use.
This stuff clears away dead skin cells and helps reveal that beautiful, glowing skin we all aim for! Not only that but it also helps unblock pores #winning!
Along with a few other products I've been using lately I think this has definitely contributed to the better and brighter skin I have been rocking and my skin IS alot less oily - wooopeee!

This stuff is £8 for a 75ml tube but always be on the look out for the No7 vouchers Boots are always giving away - it is normally £5 off skincare so this little beauty could be yours for just 3 British pounds - a Barry bargain!

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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Top Beauty Finds Of 2013 Tag

Right girls and guys , for a while now I've been wanting to share with you the products that I have been so so happy to find this year. Products that I now cannot live without and don't know how I lived before they entered into my life.

But this also got me thinking about how much I would love to see everyone else's top products of the year SO.... with this is mind I thought to my little old self, why not make a tag for everyone to join in with?
Totally simple and easy to do - just share your top 5 products that you have discovered this year. (don't worry if you can't think of 5 or have more than 5 - you can choose as many as you like... I just thought 5 would be an easy number for everyone to find!)
 Things that you hadn't used before 2013, hadn't even heard of or maybe they were only just released this year!
I thought this is a tag post that more or less any beauty blogger can get involved in and I would LOVE for as many of you as possible to join in!
These products can be anything beauty related (we are beauty bloggers of course!)- make-up, hair, skincare, body products, an electrical item, an accessory - anything!
It is most likely aswell that if you have LOVED a product that you have shared it previously on your blog - so make sure you link all your previous posts about them too for everyone to read and enjoy!
So here we go - My Top 5 Beauty Finds Of 2013 ..........

First up is the Apocalips Lip Lacquers from Rimmel!
 After purchasing 2 of these beautys at the beginning of the summer (big bang and nova feat. in my June favs) I was actually lucky enough to WIN the complete set from Rimmel via a twitter competition! I'd been using my first two for weeks and weeks so was so so excited to be getting the whole lot! 
These have been my favourite lip product this year. For me they are the perefect mix between a lipstick and a gloss. The pigmentation is incredible and they are so easy to apply and look gorgeous on! I was so happy when they added a few newer darker shades to the collection back in the Autumn and of course bought some of those too! Click here for my first post all about these bargain beautys and ... click here for my more recent additions to my Apocalips collection.

Number 2 on the list (and these are in no particular order!) is the Morrcoanoil Treatment which I featured on A Yellow Brick Blog back in July! This is one of those products that I really don't know how I lived without before!
 It is by far the best hair oil I have used and it is going to take alot to beat this! These tiny bottles that I buy last for months and I have to say for a couple of days in which I was without I noticed a serious difference in my hair.
I use this everytime I've washed my hair, just tip a pea sized blob onto my fingers and smooth in through the mid-lengths to ends of my hair. Since using it my hair has felt alot stronger, softer and it is certainly alot less dry and "ratty"! My hair product of the year!

Now onto a range of products that I have used more or less everyday (minus those lazy make-up free days that I love!) since getting them!
Zoeva brushes have slowly climbed to the top of my favourite brushes that I own, closely followed by real techniques.
Another lucky moment from me here but I actually won these from Zoeva on twitter (seriously twitter is the place to be for comps I tell ya!) - they are such amazing quality and there is a brush for everything, I have been seriously impressed with them and like I said use them every single day! Fabulous for creating a great base and the eyeshadow brushes are brilliant! For more photos and info check out my post I did on them :)

A body beauty favourite now - and if you've bene reading A Yellow Brick Blog for a while then this is going to come as absolutely no surprise to you. It is the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash. I am such a huge Soap & Glory fan and the sugar crush line is something I fell in love with this year.
 As well as the body butter and the body scrub I have been using this body wash for months. I don't think I could change to another body wash now, it smells amazing, you don't need alot each time you use it so it lasts for weeks and weeks on end and it leaves my body feeling so fresh and clean. A total beauty bargain, I have bottles of this stuff stocked up so I am never without!

Last but not least is another make-up product. This stuff is a god send and I urge you all to go out and try it! It is the Skin Wow! 3-way Highlighter from Seventeen. 
Seventeen have seriously gone up in my make-up books this year - their new products released have just been getting better and better and this has been my favourite.
A gorgeous pearly pink highlighter that you can use 3 ways - as a base, mixed with your foundation or alone as a highlighter (my favourite way to use it)!
I can't rave on enough about how much or a bargain this is, only £5.99 - a fraction of the price of Benefit's high beam and it is a great dupe for it!
 I have used this everyday since purchasing it in September and have only used probably a 1/6 of the bottle! This is another product I have stocked up on so I am never without, although I have a feeling these bottles are going to last a long long time!
That's it - my Top 5 Beauty Finds Of 2013! What do you guys think? Have you tried any of these?
I would love for you guys to join in and share your favourite new finds of 2013! It is a great way to bring the year to a close and also find out about some great products from everyone - and I'm sure more or less everyone is going to have a different 5 to share!

If you are anything like me you buy new products weekly so for something to stand out and be a favourite of the year then it is definitely worth sharing with the rest of us beauty addicts!
Make sure that if you join in with this tag you share your link below so we can all be nosey and have a lookie at what you have LOVED this year!


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Celeb Style : Crosses

I'm always eyeing up celebs and their style - weather it be a pair of shoes, a jumpsuit or a necklace I always love seeing what their are wearing and how they've put it together and styled it.
What I'm going to be talking about today is something I've seen so many of my favourite celebrity's wearing over the years and that is crosses.
Weather it be a subtle ring, a necklace or an in-your-face  totally over the top cross - I can guarantee at least one of your favourite celebs has been spotted in one!
The trend is timeless.

Now I will be the first to hold my hands up and say I'm not a religious person (and this post has zero to do with religion) but I think this is a fabulous trend and this style can be worn by nyone!
From our princess Kate to Paris Hilton crosses are worn by so many gorgeous women (and men!) and with so many cool styles and designs to choose from it is no wonder they are so popular!
Here's a  few fashion fav crosses that have caught my eye across the web ...

Baring all this is mind and the fact it is only ONE week until Christmas too there is also a fab offer I wanted to let you girls and guys aware of!
The lovely people at Gemporia ( aka Gems TV on freeview 43 ) have this gorgeous 0.25ct sterling silver and diamond cross pendant  available to buy NOW.
Oooooo pretty! 
I love how simple and glamorous this is, like I said before -totally timeless. Gorgeous for yourself,  a best friend, your mum, your auntie, your nan - it is fab!
The necklace can be found HERE and is £99 BUT with special discount code exclusive for A Yellow Brick Blog readers you can get a whopping 10% off diamond jewellery. (Yup they are that nice!)
All you have to do it enter in the discount code 10DIAMOND and the first lucky 1000 customers on the Gemporia site with save 10%!

BUT there is also a live auction happening girls and boys which you can check out here at 9pm! That is the stuff that is live on the TV - so head over to freeview channel 43 at 9pm tonight (17th December 2013) and check it out!
The auction is a reverse auction so as people buy the product, the price will reduce - so keep your eyes peeled, wtch that £99 decrease and try and grab a bargain before they all go!

I just had to share this with you guys, I know it is a little more expensive than stuff I normally talk about but it is Christmas and maybe you are still looking for a nice present for someone! And boys if you're reading.... maybe a lady in your life deserves this?

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Sunday, 15 December 2013

My BBloggers Secret Santa from SubtleCoral

It's Christmas woo hooo! Well nearly... less than 2 weeks to go! 
About 6 weeks ago I was asked whether I wanted to be involved in a Secret Santa with some other bloggers (and PLL lovers..... that's Pretty Little Liars for you non-watchers!)!
 I love chatting to all the other girls and so I jumped at the chance and said YES!
This is the first of 2 Secret Santa's that I am involved in this year.

I received my present last week and after reading that it was from my "subtle" secret santa I immediately knew it was from Katie over at Subtle Coral - which I found funny as I had her as my Secret Santa too!
 I was definitely spoilt by Katie - so many fun presents and looking at everything I can just tell she has read my blog and knows me and what I like - thank you so much Katie you babe!
First up is something I was so excited to receive. I knew that whoever had sent me this parcel HAD to be a reader of my blog/twitter - because they would know I'd love this!
 I have been raving about the nivea lip butters for months and raspberry rose was one that I still hadn't tried even though so many people had recommended it! This has been in my coat pocket/bag since the day I got it - I'm addicted to applying it, yum!
Next is this adorable Christmas tree gingerbread man hanging ornament! I have just moved out for the first time so this is the first time I won't be at home for Christmas - so I have my own home and my own Christmas! So this is an amazing gift to help me get started with my decorations - it is on my tree now and goes perfectly! 
I found this really funny as I bought Katie some festive socks too (great minds think alike!)  You can never have too many and these are such a cute fairisle/striped pattern - no doubt I'll be wearing them on Christmas day!
I love tea!!! If you read my twitter bio more or less the first thing written is 'tea drinker'! I'm obsessed with green tea and black breakfast tea! I'm so excited to try out these cute tea bags from 'Hugs'! Thry are a brand I've never heard of but the packaging has me sold already! They also come with the cutest 'tea tweezers' too which are pink handed tongs ready to remove your teabag for you - such a good idea!
Last but not least is this fabulous kit from Benefit. I'm such a Benefit fan but one thing I've never tired from them is their skincare. I was ecastic when I opened this gift - the b.right radiant skincare kit, it was such an exciting surprise! 
There is more or less every product in here and I am so excited to try it all out , if it's anything like their make-up I'm sure I'll be purchasing the full-sized stuff in no time!

A massive THANK YOU to Katie for such a wonderful package of products - they are all perfect for me!
I love love love secret santa's and I hope both of mine like what I have chosen for them :-)

Just a quick little note aswell  before I go to let you all know that my post for Very.co.uk is now up - it's all about a fashion fav of mine - Boots! So if you're a fashion fan, love very or just fancy a little read of something I've done then check it out here!


Friday, 13 December 2013

My Top 5 Albums Of 2013

A bit of a different post today - not a beauty or a fashion post or even skincare but as this year is coming to an end I've been thinking back to everything I have been loving these past 12 months
Of course I love music and there's been a few albums which I have literally had on repeat since getting them! 
So with that in mind I thought I would share with you my top 5 albums of 2013
If you like a bit of girly pop, country, r'n'b, or a good old ballad keep reading and you may find a new artist you never even knew you loved! I know I've mentioned these previously in my monthly favs but I thought I'd put them all together here in one music-loving post!

#5 Demi Lovato - Demi
At number 5 is Demi Lovato with her most recent album Demi. (hahaha I actually sound like Top Of The Pops!) Since hearing her first song of this album called Heart Attack I knew the album would be right up my street! This is a fabulous mix of songs you can sing along to and songs that you can dance too, my favourites are Nightingale, Two Pieces, Warrior, Made in the USA and her duet with Cher Llyod - Really Don't Care.

#4 Katy Perry - Prism
I'm such a Katycat. Her last tour I saw her 3 times, it was pretty much amazeballs and since then I have been patiently waiting for her next album - and here it is! Prism is fabulous, such a mix of sounds and influences and it even gets a little emosh! I love Dark Horse, Legendary Lovers, Ghost and By The Grace Of God and of course I've already got my tickets for the Prismatic Tour next May and am in the reflection section ... aka IN the stage, I cannot wait!

#3 Little Mix - Salute
I loved Little Mix's first album so it was no doubt in my mind that I was going to buy this album and the deluxe version at that - especially after hearing the single Move from it. I have been a fan of Little Mix since the their formation on X Factor 2 years ago - I love all their voices and their styles, I wish these girls could dress and style me everyday
This whole album is amazing but my favourites have to be Little Me the acoustic version, These Four Walls (amazing vocals), Towers, Nothing Feels Like You .... Okay I love them all, perfect album to put on when getting ready for a night out with the girls!

#2 Kacey Musgraces - Same Trailer Different Park
Kacey is an artist I had never ever heard of until one day I randomly stumbled across her having an interview on BBC Breakfast! I saw a clip of her music so thought I'd do a quick YouTube search. I am such a fan of country music and it was love at first sound!
 I went straight on iTunes and bought her album right there and then, within 3 minutes of seeing her on TV for the first time! If you fancy something a bit different to listen to I urge you to please check out Kacey she is such a talented singer and song writer! My favourites on the album are Follow Your Arrow (which I think is her new single), Step Off, Stupid, Blowin' Smoke, My House & Merry Go Round. If you love Taylor Swift you'll love her.
#1 Ariana Grande - Yours Truly 
Number 1 HAS to go to Ariana Grande. I first heard about Ariana through twitter and after watching her on YouTube (for hours) I fell in love. This girl is by far the most talented singer out there in the charts at the moment!
 I love her style and the r'n'b sound to her music - she really is the next Mariah. Her debut album went straight to #1 on the US Billboard chart and if you listen to it you will know why! I've been listening to this album since the day it came out in September and am still addicted! My favourties are her first single The Way, Honeymoon Avenue, Tattooed Heart, Piano & Daydreamin' - this album just makes me so happy. (Oh and Ariana followed me on twitter the other day - this is a BIG deal, major excitement there.)

What have been your favourite albums this year? Was it any of these?

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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Nails Of The Week : Pretty, Girly, Glam!

Like I said a couple of weeks ago, I want to share with you guys my nail designs everytime I go and get them re-done!
I get gel extensions with shellac colours and I love having the done - I feel messy and bare without them and love not having to worry about chipped nail varnish - one of my pet hates on myself! 
Also where I have tiny child-like hands they make me feel a little more like an adult!
I know you may all have seen these already on wither twitter or instagram, as obviously I can't keep off them, but I thought I'd carry on with what I set out to do and share them with you!
This fortnight I went for a really girly and glam look. The ones I had before were quite bold so this time I wanted something really elegant and pretty.
I've gone for a gorgeous baby pink which is called Cakepop... which makes me like it even more and some fab silver glitter (who doesn't love glitter, especially at this time of year!).
I love having more than one colour on my nails and instead of just the ring finger trend I thought I'd have my thumb a bit different too!

If you want to recreate this look at home I'd recommend Barry M's Strawberry Ice Cream polish along side the Limited Edition Christmas glitter polish from Barry M at Boots which I've also done a post about - use it over the top of a silver polish and bob's your uncle, done!
What do you guys think? Do you get your nails done or do you do them yourself? 
I'm already planning my next set.... Christmas themed I think!

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