Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Vaseline Limited Edition - Paint The Town Review

Vaseline is one of those products I will always love and own! I've used it for years and years and the amount of uses for this stuff is endless, I always have one in my bag!
So when there are new pots, scents, colours that come out I always want to get involved and try them out.... and this newbie is no exception!
I was browsing the Boots website the other day when I suddenly noticed this - a new Vaseline.
A new limited edition Vaseline! So obviously, I had to order it!
This is the no.3 Limited Edition Vaseline and it is called Paint The Town. It is your usual yummy Vaseline but with a gorgeous red tint for a bit of extra glam!
Now in the tin this stuff looks super bright and a real deep red BUT putting it on your lips is a different story!
It is a very very sheer red - which makes it great for anyone.... especially those who find a bold lip a little nerve-wracking! Like having your usual Vaseline feel but with a tiny bit of glam!
Saying that though there is something which is majorly different..... the scent.
The scent of this stuff is incredible! Like sweets, I cannot explain how much I love it, I can't stop sniffing it everytime I get the chance! I urge you just to go and have a look at this just too have a sniff! By far the best Vaeline scent yet in my opinion!
These pots are £3.49 each and I'm guessing are going to be in most Boots stores (and most likely others too) over the next couple of months! 
If you are a Vaseline lover like myself I highly recommend it, especially with all this cold weather we are having - avoiding chapped lips AND look cute whilst smelling amazing? - deal!

Are you a Vaseline lover like myself? Which is your favourite Vaseline?



  1. Might just have to go buy this! I like my Vaseline a lot but have started picking up my BabyLips more recently!

    Emily xxx

  2. This looks amazing! I loveeeeeeeee the Classic Vaseline!



  3. I have to try this ;)


  4. Wow - I love lip balms! Especially Vaseline ones; I also always have loads in my bag. Love this post.

    Emily xx


  5. I just found your blog through twitter and am a new follower, I love your blog name :) This looks so nice! I love the classic vaseline so I love that this has a tint, sadly I don't think this is available in the US though.


  6. I love vaseline and love the fact it has a hint of colour to it too!

    Emily / Glittery Teacups

  7. This is such a fab colour but it is so expensive x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  8. I've spotted these a few times and didn't know whether to grab one, I'm still working on my champagne one!
    abi from a little dust

  9. i want one of these.. officially on the hunt for one!

  10. Totally love it, I'll be on the look out for one of these

    Trill xo


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