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Lauren's Way Self Tan Mousse & Glam Tan Review

So, winter is upon us. Not only does this mean chapped lips, freezing cold fingers and toes and tights become a staple in the wardrobe but we all get a bit...well.... pale.
I, myself, look like a total ghost in the autumn & winter months so fake tanning is normally key to me looking half normal.
So when the fabulous ladies at Lauren's Way contacted me after I had been raving about their rollers on twitter (seriously they are amazing!) and asked me whether I'd want to try out some of their tanning products I jumped at the chance - seriously who wouldn't!
I had heard so many amazing things about this tan so I jumped straight in and whacked it on as soon as the postman dropped it through the letterbox.
Because I'm fairly fair skinned and not an expert tanner I went for the 'Medium' shade in the mousse - I think this was the safest option for me to start off with!

I do have a confession to make - I normally only tend to tan before a big night out - 1. because I am lazy and 2. because I'm always scared I'm going to totally muck it up.
 There is nothing worse than seeing someone with horrific streaks or who is clearly the same colour as a tangerine -I do NOT want this to be me!
I've been using this tan alot over the last few weeks as I have had lots of partys, night outs and general fun-type things to go to!
 But for these photos I thought I would just show you the difference from just ONE application!
I found this mousse so easy to use (thank you for the free mitt aswell LW!) Just 1 pump from the bottle goes a long long way and I think the smell is slightly better than the other tans I've used but of course there is still that slight "biscuit smell" that everyone has grown to know and love haha! (although I've never really got that... what biscuit to you people eat?!)
It doesn't take me long to cover my whole body with this stuff and streak free I must say! One thing I was super impressed with is the drying time
Normally I'm flapping around the bathroom trying to get my tan to dry and feel less sticky before I get dressed again but the LW tan dries so quickly - I was so shocked! Massive brownies points for that one girls and boys!
As you can see in the photos there is a huge difference for just one quick once over with the mousse AND this is a developing mousse so you leave it on for approx. 8 hours and then wash it off for the best results - so pop it on before bed and this tan develops while you sleep - easy peasy!
The mousse is priced at £17.95 and the Glam Tan spray (mentioned below) is £18.95 and that comes with a FREE tanning mitt worth £3.99! To me these are total bargain prices, cheaper than St. Tropez and Fake Bake and for, in my opinion, a better product!

With the LW mousse tan I was also sent one of the "Glam Tan" spray bottles! When I fake tan I normally use Fake Bake or St. Mortiz and always go for a mousse, I find it so much easier to use than anything else so this is something that initially scared me a little to try out but I am actually am so impressed with how easy it has been to use!
Where it is quite a bit darker than the 'medium' mousse it took me a lot of courage to try it out but with the mitt the spray technology makes it so easy to apply evenly! So, thank you LW for helping me get out of me mousse comfort zone!

Fake tan has so many benefits - it makes you look healthier, it makes you look skinnier, it makes you feel more confident,  it isn't harmful to your skin and body unlike sunbeds and sun-bathing, you are in control - want to go darker? Do it again tomorrow and the next day! If you need a pick me up with all this gloomy rain and cloud - hit the bottle and you won't regret it!

I can honestly say now - hand on heart - that the LW is the best at-home fake tan I have EVER used and will 100% be purchasing when these bottles have run out, because with the weather as it is and no holidays booked as of yet ... I'm going to need it!

(***Disclaimer : This product was kindly sent to me by the lovely people at Lauren's Way. . All thoughts, opinions and ideas are always my own and I would never include an item or product on A Yellow Brick Blog that I didn't truly believe in.)


  1. Great post hun, Laurens Way is definitely one of my favourites as well. Have you tried Darker than Dark? I've got a post going up later about it, another great LW product :) can't believe i spent so long forking out for Fake Bake when i could have just tried Laurens Way sooner! hehe

    1. No I'm too cared to go for darker than dark as I'm quite pale! xxx

  2. This looks amazing!! I have seen so many good things about it, especially the before and after photographs. I'll have to finally give it a go, the transformation is great..(and anything slimming is high on my list ;))

    1. It is fab - been using it loads over the last month or so! x

  3. Ohh this looks lovely, and so natural! I've never worn fake tan as I'm so pale and terrified of looking like an orange, like you. But this seems safe! Great review :)

    Jess xo

  4. This looks really good...I am a fake tan virgin and I need to get over this fear!! Everyone keeps teelling me to fake tan as I am so pale.

    1. Try this one out - I'm rubbish with fake tans but this one is so easy to use! x

  5. Wow, great post! Since I am in LA, I use Million Dollar Tan, which is great, but lately I have been wanting to use LW's products, especially the tanning line! This review really convinced me that I should definitely add it to my holiday list!

    Shree |

    1. Definitely the bet tan I've used so far I reckon! x

  6. Wow the before and after looks amazing! I also don't get the whole "biscuit" reference lol


  7. I've been wanting to try this for ages as it's had such good reviews!
    abi from a little dust

  8. The results look amazing! I tend to get lazy to ever apply my fake tan and I don't have one that I love! Thanks for the review!

    carly; sundays grace

    1. You are welcome! The results are amazing! x

  9. I have seen a lot about the Lauren's Way tanning products and they look fantastic. I am a self-confessed fake tanning addict and I usually use St Moriz simply because of the price tag. The results look fabulous on you though sweetie, I may have to ask Santa for this.

    Barbie Sparkles | UK Beauty Blog

  10. Wow what amazing results! It looks so natural too, for a fake tan! Love this, might have to try it for myself xx
    Gemma | ❤️

  11. this looks so natural, need to try it soon along with V.I.P by Vicky. might have to do a review of both!


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