Sunday, 17 November 2013

Harry Potter Studio Tour Haul

I went to the Harry Potter Studios - yayyyy! Although, you probably already know this by now! I did a blog post a few weeks ago  and I may have tweeted/instagramed and facebooked about it a little bit.
When I did my blog post which you can see here - I said that I may do a little haul of all the things I decided to pick up while I was there, so, guess what - here it is!
I probably spent a little more than I should of here (yolo). I have been to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter in Florida so already had lots of stuff they were selling (as I went a bit crazy in the gift shops when I was there) but still I was over-excited and had such an incredible day that there was still so much I had to buy!

The Making Of Harry Potter : The Official Guide
I love a good souvenir! This tour guide is great, it is like the whole tour in a book! Loads of photos, sketches and facts that are great to have a look at as  little reminder or share with friends who haven't yet been! I actually purchased it after the tour as I wanted something to help me remember all the different things is seen over the day! It's great and was only about £8/£9!
Just some more little things to remember my day - I have a few from Florida aswell so thought it would be great to get some from here too!
Dark Mark Lollipop
This was just a quick present I picked up for my boyfriend when I was there! It was only around £3/4 but I didn't really think he was appreciate a t-shirt or a fluffy the dog plush toy! He is still yet to eat it so I have no idea if if tastes nice or not!
Marauders Map Heat-Activated Mug
I am such a sucker for mugs! They are the sort if thing I always pick up in gift shops!
I think it's because I love tea so much and know they will be used! I fell in love with this mug as soon as I saw it was heart-activated! Yup you heard me right, whenever you fill this beauty up with a yummy hot drink the footprints from marauders map slowly appear - amazing!
I thought I would insert a couple of photos fr you of both sides and how it looks before and after!  It was £12.95 and it is huge - perfect for my green tea addiction!
Hogwarts Magnet
Where I have just moved house into my own place magnets are something I need a lot more of! We only have a couple at the moment so this was a perfect edition to our new fridge/freezer!
Chocolate Frog
Now this is something I knew I was going to buy. After not buying one in Florida and regretting it ever since I knew that I had to get one! 
It was £7.95 which of course is a little steep for a chocolate animal but I can honestly say I'd pay it again! Perfect for a Harry potter fan, the chocolate is a lot bigger than I expected and it was actually solid - so you do get a lot for your money! Shame about the card though.... I was hoping for Dumbledore!
Green Screen Photo
This photo was taken in the green screen room! An attraction which is just before half way through the tour!  You can have a go driving the car (which obviously isn't really there....) or you can have a real life broom experience
As there was 2 of us we decided to skip the queue for the brooms and just have a go on the car screen! You get to film a mini video and have your photo taken! Of course we both just had to buy the photo - it was £8, but for me it was totally worth the money! Can't wait to get it framed! 

Have you been to the studio tour yet? Did you buy anything? I cannot wait to go back!



  1. Wowsers!! I did see some of the other guys (bloggers) instagram on these and it does look like something I need/want to do ! ;)

    1. It is amazing - if you like HP... go go go! x

  2. Oh my god! This has literally made me so so jealous, I want a chocolate frog!!!! X

  3. Wow....This looks so cool! :)

    Pink Frenzy

  4. I went to Harry Potter world last year I also spent a fortune you get so over excited!
    You should of got some Berty Botts!
    Great post - made me want to go back! xx

    1. haha it's so easy to spend money in there! x

  5. I need to do this! We traveled to England in August for SITC but never got the chance to go to the tour as it was only on two of the days we were there - and we were busy for both of them. Was so disappointed. You got loads of stuff! Looks like you really had a ball!

    ♥ Leanne | Leanne Marie | Bloglovin'

  6. This is all so amazing! I was like the latest person ever to get hooked into Harry Potter but now I'm so obsessed it's slightly ridiculous! Looks like such a fun time :)

    sundays grace blog

  7. amazing! you're a real fan!

  8. Ahhh amazing!! Love the mug! I bought a glass when I went but wish I'd bought loads more! I'm planning on going again next year, so think I'll have to get a chocolate frog!! Xx xx

    1. I'm definitely going back next year - feel like I didn't see everything! x

  9. Great haul, I've wanted to go for a long time and hopefully I'm going next year xx

  10. wow these things are great! I just literally finished reading all the books for the second time. they're so good.
    Adela x

  11. i'd love to go on the studio tour, it looks so fun! x

    1. It is brilliant! You learn so much aswell! x

  12. Good haul!

    I got the chocolate frog too, determined not to eat it, that last for about a day!

    hmm maybe...

    1. Mine lasted about a month before I ate it! x


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