Thursday, 14 November 2013

Balmi Moisturising Cute Lip Balm - Strawberry Review

With the weather suddenly taking a major dip in the temperature... it is a bit bloomin' nippy out there - I'm sure, like alot of you, lip balm is now one of my best friends!
I always like to try out new ones out and I'm sure you're all thinking... another lip product? really Kirstie? 
But yes, I'm doing it, another post about another lip product is here and this time it is the Strawberry lip balm from Balmi.
I saw this online and I'm not going to lie I was immediately attracted to it because it is fairly new and looks kind of like an EOS lip balm. Something I've been wanting to try in forever and as it was only £4.99 and had a few glowing reviews I thought I'd give it a go!
I bought this from as they aren't in my local store and aswell as strawberry there are 3 other flavours available  - raspberry, mint and coconut.
 I was tempted by the coconut (and think I'll order that next) but settled for Strawberry as it's a scent I always like and it had the best reviews.
The smell reminds me of the natural collection strawberry products from boots - you know the ones! Super sweet and fruity, I love it!
Now this is unlike anything I've used before, in a cube container this product is seriously unique. 
All you do is twist the top undone to reveal the triangle shaped product. Now this shape looks a little awkward but it actually makes application so so easy. A quick circular motion with it and your lips are fully covered - and this stuff feels lovely.
 Probably not the best if you have a seriously bad chapped lips problems (as it isn't a hard core balm like vaseline or carmex) but just for a lip balm to keep you moisturised, smooth and smelling great this product is fantastic. I think I am actually addicted to applying this.   
It also comes with a keyring attachment - perfect for keeping it in an easy accessible place in your bag or attached to your keys!
Like I said before there are 3 other flavours so I definitely think I'll either be adding them to my Christmas list (can you believe it's that time already!) or purchasing them real soon!
But what I still REALLY want to try is an EOS.... I think it's time I bought one!

What are your favourite lip balms? I swear I carry about 18 in my bag 24/7 in the winter!


  1. I love the packaging of this, it looks gorgeous! Not too bad a price either! xx

    1. It's really good value I think - smells great too! x

  2. Love the packaging! Def gonna try these, think the coconut or mint one will be perfect! Xx xx

  3. This is so cute! I haven't seem them in Canada yet.
    I really love The Body Shop's Lip Butters :)


  4. It does look like the Eos blams but pointier! I love a good lip balm for these colder months. xx

  5. That looks so good love that its shape (:

  6. I have the original circular one, I wasn't that impressed x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  7. I've seen these around for a while now, I didn't know you could get a strawberry one though! I need this in my collection. Great review!

    ♥ Leanne | Leanne Marie | Bloglovin'

  8. Nice post! The packaging of this lip balm is really funky but I'm not too sure if after I while I'd find it a bit annoying to apply

    Kimberley x

  9. Cute! I have a couple of the EOS balms which I love!

    Georgina at

  10. I've tried the coconut balmi and it is magical! But be careful with the lid because eventually mine started to break and open itself in my bag! But otherwise this is a great lip balm! I really want to try the mint one! At the moment the palmers coconut lip balm is my favourite lip balm! ~ Larissa xx

  11. I've never tried this, but I'm quite intrigued now. Ahhh so bad that payday has just been... I know where I'll be tomorrow... shopping! :) x
    Heroine In Heels

  12. 100% the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream!
    elizabethsophiee x

  13. they used to be round like the eos lip balms but they got a new cube packaging now . i still have the rpund ones :p

  14. they used to be round like the eos lip balms but they got a new cube packaging now . i still have the rpund ones :p


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