Thursday, 12 September 2013

SEVENTEEN Skin Wow! 3 Way Highlighter

I'm back! Well.... To be fair I haven't really been gone but I feel like I haven't properly blogged in forever! (Reading back my last two posts I'm horrified at my crap writing and awful sentence structure.... I do apologise I have been extremely tired!)

 In the last 10 days I've moved house, gone to Bestival and when I haven't been getting drunk in a field or building a dressing table I've been working full-time - life has been busy!
But I've vowed to myself to keep up the blogging as I have soooo many posts in my head that I need to get into my laptop and onto the Internet!

Today's post is a beauty post! ('Yayyy' I hear you all cheer!) And it is all about a new highlighter that I have fallen completely and utterly in love with -
Seventeen Skin Wow! 3 Way Highlighter. (I just wanna say sorry about the bad quality of my photos today - lightning in my new place is apparently not on my side!)
I spotted this a good few days ago and as soon as I saw the name it drew me in!
I am such fan of highlighters and I love finding new ones to try out, the dewy/glowing skin look is my favourite - I die with jealously everytime I watch Tanya Burr's videos - seriously how does your skin glow like that Tan? Amazing.
This is one of the new products from Seventeen who I have to say I am LOVING at the moment. They are on top form with their new prime and conceal range and this particular product is called the Skin Wow! 3 way Highlighter.
The first thing I love about this product is the fact it is in a pump bottle, I do not own any other highlighters that are and I think it is the perfect way for distributing it.
It is called the 3 Way highlighter as it can be used in 3 different ways. (funny that eh?)
Perfect as a primer before your foundation, just blend a small bit all over your face after moisturising  - this will give your face a gorgeous radiant base!
Secondly, you can mix a small bit up with your foundation and put it on together - again and fabulous way to go from drab to fab in seconds!
And... my personal favourite - using it simply as a highlight, only putting it on certain areas of my face such as my cheek bones and brow bones. I alwasys do this after I have applied my foundation and before I apply bronzer! It gives my skin such a pretty and natural glow.
I would definitely compare this stuff to High Beam from Benefit (a personal favourite product of mine that I have used for years and years) it's pearly pinkish iridescent colour is so so similar and I think it works just aswell!
Just one pump is enough and probably even too much for one use but it is so easy to adjust how much you use at one time (the second photo is probably only about a 1/4 of a pump!) ! I personally think this bottle will last me ages and for the price of only £5.99 it is such a bargain compared to other similar highlighters out there!

Do you use highlighters? What are your favourites? Any bargains out there?



  1. This looks Amazing! My kind of thing,love highlighters!
    Lovely post doll xxx

  2. That is stunning! I have only ever used powder highlighters but I might give this one a go :) xo

    1. Definitely worth a try - it works so well! x

  3. This looks gorgeous! definitely have to get it :) x

  4. awwww looks amazing! I usually use MAC prep + prime, but this looks sooo good for such a good price! have a look at my post on highlighting http://bellefbeauty.comxx

    1. I've always wanted to try that, I am a bit stingy though! xxx

  5. I nearly always completely look past Seventeen but after seeing this I think I'll definitely be giving their stand a bit more attention on my next trip into Boots! Brilliant review :)

    Claire from Stylingo xxx

    1. I used too but recently I've got so many amazing products from them - really upped their game! x

  6. Omg this looks amazing. I don't think I've used Seventeen since I was in school ten years ago. Will definitely be checking out their new range! Xx
    Kayleigh| Kayleighsbeautyfix

    1. Honestly I as the same and I've been so impressive recently! x

  7. This highlighter looks amazing!! Definitely on my pay day shopping list now!!

    Great post and a lovely blog!!

    Katrina X

    1. I m obssesed with it! Have used it everyday! x


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