Sunday, 22 September 2013

Nail Shades For Autumn

Well now that the temperature has dropped a fair bit (I am a tad chilly) I have come to accept the fact that Autumn is officially here and summer/heat will be just a distant memory for, at least, the next 8 months.
So along with the weather change comes new fashion, new scents and new colours for me to indulge in. I love getting back into darker,warmer and richer colours especially when it comes to make-up!
I love dark and vampy colours and I think they look amazing both in make-up and clothing! 
So in this post I thought I would share a few of my favourite nail polish shades for the Autumn months (I have sooo many so I just picked a few out of the bunch!) , heading away from the brights and neons and getting out those dark, warm colours!

1. Barry M Gelly Nail Paint - Lychee
A nude is perfect for all seasons in my opinion. I have praised this polish before on my blog and am still just as in love with it. To me it is the perfect nude colour and it is really opaque aswell unlike alot of other nudes you can get on the high-street which are jut a pale water that need 1000 coats to get any form of colour on your nails!
2. Barry M Nail Paint - Mushroom
A classic Barry M polish that I'm sure you have all owned at some point! Probably one of the first Barry M polishes I bought and it is still going strong! I love all the earthy colours in Autumn!
3. Barry M Instant Nail Effects, Foil - Gold.
A fabulous metallic colour, amazing consistancy and great overall effect! I love using on just one of my nails (normally my ring finger) alonside another colour or doing nail art  - it looks great!
4. Barry M Nail Paint - Raspberry
Moving on from bay pinks and bright pinks for Autumn I love darker pinks like this raspberr colour! Another Barry M polish that I have had for years but this one is still one of my favourites - always looks amazing with a matching lip aswell!
5. Maybelline Colour Show by Colorama - 104 Noite De Gal
A brand new polish to my collection this week! I have been looking at these polishes for ages and had heard they were really good quality for the price (only £2.99!) so I went ahead and got this gorgeous dark purple shade I have it on at the moment and it is so amazingly thick and shiny - I love it.
6. OPI Kardashian Kolor - Listen To Your Momanger!
I got this for Christmas 2012 from my best friend, it is a lovely cross between a royal blue and a navy. I love Barry M's navy and thats up there too with my favourites, but I love that this shade is a bit different and not as common.
7. Barry M Gelly Nail Paint - Watermelon
Another new addition to my collection for this season. A dark teal shade perfect fingers and toes and of course it's a Barry M Gelly so it's going to be great, cannot wait to wear it!
8. Collection 2000 Hot Looks Nail Varnish - Shameless
Now I know they aren't called this anymore and have now just settled for "collection" but I did get this a good few years ago and what a bargain it was! From Fragrance Direct it has probably been one of the best beauty bargains I've ever got - it was 25p!!!! Yup, mental eh? It was such a bargain and has been one of my favourite polishes ever since!
9. Models Own - Black Swirl
Now I could have just picked a usual black (as I always rock a black nail in these up coming months) but I love that this one is a little different. I bought it on a whim on ASOS when it was in the sale, I think it was only about £2.50 and I love it! Such a gorgeous black metal-like colour with the slight look of silver in it!
10. Barry M Nail Paint - Grey
I think this is a must for everyones nail polish collection, once again this is a shade I've had for years and years and still love to death! It is an easy go-to colour which goes with so much! 

What are some of your favourite Autumn/Winter shades? I definitely want to expand my nail polish collection even more before the end of the year!



  1. that barry m watermelon is gorgeous! i absolutely love forest greens!

    Victoria | Victoria's Vanity Case

  2. Great blog and beautiful nail swatches love them x

  3. I love numbers 5 and 6 :) and of course I've owned mushroom - who hasn't? :)
    Keep in touch!
    Andrea xxx


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