Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My First Time

So recently I was tagged to do this post by the lovely Heather from   http://mummyandthemakeup.blogspot.co.uk - go and check her out she's sweetie!
It is the First Time Tag and I've seen a few of these floating around YouTube and the blogging world and I'm so happy that I have been tagged to do it as I love reminiscing about the past and being a kid!
So here we go.....

My First Best Friend 
When I was a baby I had a friend called Nathan, our mum's were really good friends, we were always together apparently (there are a million photos of us together to prove it!) and we were obsessed with the show Neighbours.
As babies we would crawl to the TV when the theme tune started - which still makes me laugh now!
Another first friend is a lovely lady by the name of Debbie and we are still the best of friends now! She is one of the funniest people I know and after knowing each other for more or less the whole of our lives I know I can talk to her about anything, she is a total babe! Favourite memories include "Sorry I thought it was a 24 hour clock" and doughnuts on the bus - you know what I'm talking about Debra!  

My First Concert
My first concert was Steps' first tour 'Step One' in March 1999
My mum took me to Portsmouth Guildhall to see them for my 9th birthday and I LOVED it! Lolly (remember her?) & A1 supported (this is where my love/obession for A1 started) and my highlight was H coming out and singing a song from The Lion King - amazing!
Did any of you have this album - I had it on cassette and really loved it.

My First Celebrity Crush
Oh dear.... this is embarrassing. I was a huge....HUGE.... Gareth Gates fan. Yeah it's true, 2 walls full of posters/interviews/magazine covers etcetcetc! I even went to Wembley to see his tour with Will Young (as my Mum was/is a massive Will Young fan) I even collected the Gareth Gates magazines.... yes I was THAT cool.
This is a legit photo taken in my room in 2001/2002ish.... and this was only half of it - I know I was a cool kid, don't be jel. Directioners who?

My First Word
I don't actually know.... be right back I'm going to ask my Mum ........ 
Well my first word was - Bubba! Which is what I used to call my dog Buster.... awww cute Kirstie.

My First Job
My first job was the Summer of 2004 - when I was going from Year 9 to Year 10 and I was 14. It was in a local holiday park and me and my friend cleaned the Caravan's after people had checked out.
 I say we cleaned caravans.... we actually cooked all the freezer food the holiday makers had left (like oven chips) and sit and watch Saturday morning TV whilst arguing over who had to clean the toilet - that job donly latest the summer holidays haha!

My First Phone
Like most 12 year old's in 2002 my first phone was a Nokia. I had the 3330e.... which I thought was so super cool because everyone had the 3310 and mine was exactly the same thing but it had the internet. Which I clearly never used.... and yes.... I still have it and yes... that is a Lilo & Stitch cover which I made my Dad buy me from eBay!

My First Tweet
My first tweet was in February 2009 so I can't quite remember it but i'm sure it was something like "How on earth do I use this!?" - my twitter is @KirstieLouiseS

My First Make-up
When I was younger my Mum was an Avon lady for a bit so not only was I always stealing her things but she used to order me the cute kiddie stuff - I think it was called Little Blossom or something like that. There was a lipbalm I really loved, I thought it smelt amazing... I bet it was rank!

I TAG you ALL! Join in the tag - would love to see them all!


  1. I can't stop laughing at the gareth gates poster with his head on the daz box ahaha! loved reading this, I always enjoy posts like these xx

    1. hahaha why would I have this up in my room! Oh dear oh dear! x

  2. I love that you said you had something on cassette! My cousin asked me what a cassette looked like the other day....I almost slapped her lol

    1. Noway! How old is she?! I had loads of albums on cassette! x

  3. Great post! i use to love steps haha! found your blog through twitter, i love it. i'm a new follower:) would love for you to check out my blog! xx

    1. Thank you SO much for following Elaine!! :) xxxx

  4. I remember the little blossom lip balm! I thought it was great too I bet if I saw it know I would change my mind pretty quickly :)great post followed :)

    1. Yay! I thought I was the only one who'd remember this! xxx

  5. Great post, might have to do my own :)
    I had that Steps album too - I also had the video they did to promote that album. Looking back it was so unbelievably cheesy! haha


    1. haha I had that video too I think!! I seriously loved them! Definitely do your own and let me know when you have! x

  6. I was so in love with Gareth Gates! I had posters of him all over my room too!

    1. YES! So glad I wasn't the only one haha! x


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