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Kirstie's Travel Diaries #9 - Universal Studios Hollywood

Catch up with #8 here.

DAY 9 (08/03/12) 

It was a Thursday and we had planned on this day to go to Universal Studios!

We had heard so much amazing stuff and seen so many amazing leaflets and posters that we knew it was high on our list of things to do (the Desperate Housewives set was a major selling point)! As our hotel was only 1 metro stop away from it they sold tickets for a discounted price which was great - I think it was about $75 each for a day ticket (and believe me, it was worth it!)
We headed down to the Hollywood/Highland metro stop early - about 9am. we were a little nervous as we hadn't used the Subway in NYC at all and weren't quite sure how it worked but guessed it was just like the tube so we went on down!
We were surprised by how clean and well-lit it all was to be honest, not the dingy subway station you would imagine or expect!
We got our tickets and hopped on. funnily enough we saw the couple which we had shared the minibus from the airport with on the same metro heading to the same place - small world/city!
We got off the the metro one stop later and crossed over the road towards the Universal building! It was there that we waited for one of the special free minibuses to come and pick us up and take us to the entrance.
We reached the top and reached Universal Citywalk (lots of stores and resturants!) and walked straight up to the entrance to Universal Studios.
Of course before we went in we had to get some photos!
The first place we wanted to go was to the Studio Tour itself, we knew this would be the busiest attraction so we thought going to it first would be our best bet and we were right.

As we had got there not long after the park had opened we more or less got straight onto the tour which was amazing. Cameras out and awesome tour guide in tow, us and a whole minibus full of other movie/TV enthusiast's started on the studio tour.

If you didn't know already Universal Studios is a fully active and running studio full of sets, stages and backdrops, so even when we were there there were things actually being filmed - so we had to be quiet (all very very exciting!)
Being a major movie and TV geek buff I was seriously in my element here! Just seeing some of the special effects stages and the actual real life sets was enough to make me squeal!
They showed us how they can make a flood happen in a matter of seconds and seconds later have it disappeared again - it was insane!
Some of the sets are just incredible, you'll recognise the photo below from films like Bruce Almighty (remember when he's trying to teach his dog to pee outside?) and The Saturdays music video for Higher! Look the back of a HUGE backdrop in the middle of the Studio too - so cool!
There are so many sets here and things to see, I loved seeing Whooville from The Grinch and the plane crash from War Of The Worlds. We are went rhough the 4D King Kong ride which was so so clever - a must do if you go to LA and the studios!

 A major highlight for me was the Desperate Housewives set, yes the real life Wisteria Lane. It is insane that there is this whole road/street/neighborhood just made in the middle of a film studio! It all looks so so real it was so surreal to be in there! (as you can see there is security there 24/7!)
After the tour we thought it was time for some of the rides and attractions! The Shrek ride was the closet to where we had walked to so we started off there! Obviously when we saw Shrek we had to get a photo - what a babe!  We then headed down the escalator the the bottom section and to the rest of the rides!    The mummy ride had to be our favourite I think we went on it about 3 times in a row! I loved this place so so much! Definitely my sort of day out! If you are in La I highly recommend heading over to Universal Studios - it is definitley worth every penny if you are a movie lover, thrill seeker or fun-lover (aka anyone!) Wish I could re-live this day again, loved it so much! Here's some more photos from this fun Thursday!
Just chilling at Universal - check out that view!
We lasted around 30 seconds in here down to my wimp of a best friend who screamed and ran out of the fire exit, I wish everyday that I had filmed it.
As a massive Simpsons fan this was amazing - the ride is so so clever and all the shops and stuff around it really make you feel like you are in Springfield!
'Thank you come again.'
Crash Bandicoot and Fivel - my inner child just couldn't say no!
The end to an incredible day - I seriously loved this place.
Next travel post - Venice beach, Santa Monica and I meet some seriously big YouTubers!!!



  1. I wish that universal was bigger! Last year we had annual passes, but it only makes sense to go every once and a while.
    Did you know when it rains they give out free hot chocolate & coffee?

  2. Looks amazing I would love to visit the Desperate Housewives set, though I would die to visit the Pretty Little Liars set!

  3. This looks amazing! I always wanted to visit the LA Universal so I can see the movie sets! I've been to the Orlando one and it was so AWESOME!

    Looks like you had a ball! xx

    Kathleen :) x

  4. I would love to visit the Pretty Little Liars set!

  5. OMG SO MUCH ENVY! I wish I can go there someday!

    xo Kisty
    The Style Mermaid

  6. This looks like it was so much fun! I regret not taking a tour when I was there at Universal- all I did was walk around the shops. I recognized that little section where they do the floods...if you've ever seen the 1970's version of Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys, they show that exact site in one of the episodes- it's so cool!

    Also, I think I recognize some of those houses that have now been transformed from some of the classic shows (such as the house from The Munsters). All so exciting, I wish I could work on a tv set someday. xx

  7. Looks amazing! Oh god I would have broken my way into Bree's house in Wisteria Lane and pranced about and pretended to cook things!

    But then I'm mad hahaha.
    Looks beautiful!

    Vicky xxx

  8. I went to La a couple of weeks ago and wanted to go to universal. But i was on my own and wanted to experiance it with someone else. It looks incredible.


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