Friday, 30 August 2013

Lee Stafford Hair Haul

If you have read my blog in the past (especially my haircare routine) you know that I am a huge HUGE fan of Lee Stafford products and that 90% of the stuff that I use on my hair are his products.
So when stores have an offer on the brand or there is a discount I like to take full advantage and stock up/save money. 
Recently I have slowly been buying more and more Lee Stafford products to try out so I thought I would do a quick haul post to show you what I have chosen.
I have been using Lee Stafford religiously for the whole of this year and it has had such a good effect on my hair. I love the smell (a key factor for me when buying products) and I trust the brand as so far I have just loved everything about the products I have used. 
So, I thought It myself why not try out all the other stuff they have to offer?!
The products are 3 for £12 at the moment in Boots (although I think it ends next week) which is just crazy as some of the products alone are £10.99/£11.99 so I have been taking full advantage of this bargain!
Anything marked with a * is a re-purchase - although most of these products are brand new to me!

Hair Growth Shampoo - £6.99*
Like I said if you have read my blog before you now that this is the shampoo I use most. Normally 2 or 3 times a week I use this shampoo so I thought I would grab some more for when my current bottles run out.
Hair Growth Conditioner - £6.99*
Again, this is the conditioner I use all the time so it's great getting it on offer.
Hair Growth Leave In Treatment Spray - £11.99
This is a product I hadn't really seen before and where it is in the same range with the other Hair Growth products which have worked so well on my hair I thought I would give it a go.

Breaking Hair Shampoo - £8.99
Like I said in my "growing my hair" post I have been using alot less heat on my hair. So now when I do use heat on my hair, especially where I have just had it bleached, I really start to panic that I am ruining it all over again. These products are for "over-processed,breaking hair" so I thought they would be perfect for adding into my routine o help protect my hair from gettign damaged.
Breaking Hair Conditioner - £8.99
You can't buy the shampoo without the conditioner!  
Breaking Hair Treatment - £10.99
I love using my 'Hair Growth Treatment' once a week and pretty much am stocked up on that for the rest of the year! But I have been looking at this one aswell for the while and decided that while this offer was on I'd give it a go! It can only make my hair feel amazing right?

Breaking Hair Treatment - £10.99
Look at the price, it would be silly to not have bought more than 1!
My Big Fat Healthy Hair Shampoo - £5.99
recently when I've washed my hair and then straightened/styled it my hair just feels a bit limp and lifeless. Reading this product description totally sold me and I thought this stuff would be the perfect stuff to use before a big night out or party etc. It is meant to boot your hair's body and texture anf banishes dulling deposits that make hait go lank and limp - perfect.
My Big Fat Healthy Hair Conditioner - £5.99
Like I said before - you can't just buy the shampoo right?

Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist - £5.99 
When using heat/styling tools in my hair, I have to know that my hair is protected. The heat protecting spray I use at the moment I have had for years and I just really fancied a change. This spray is made for protecting and keeping your hair shiny and can be used on both damp and dry hair to protect through every stage of styling. Aswell as this it is also made with green tea extract which I am a huge fan of.
Sea Salt Spray - £7.49
Where my hair is getting a little longer now I am slowly wearing it down more and more, my hair does has a slight natural curl - although it used to be alot curlier but I started using so much dye and over-processing it. I've been wanting to try a sea salt spray for ages as I love the look of my hair after I have been to the beach or in the pool. I have to say I tried this stuff the other day and it works so so well, I can't wait until my hair grows even longer now.
Breaking Hair Split End Serum - £9.99
I have been using my hair oils now for months and love them! But when I sa this I thought it would be the perfect thing to use a couple of times a week. It looks like it would be great to use along side all the other 'Breaking Hair' products I have purchased and will help my hair oils last longer aswell. Bye bye split-ends.

Original Total - £101.38
Offer Total - £48
A whopping saving of £53.38 - it is always great when you save more than you spend!

Have you bought/tried out any of these Lee Stafford products? Or maybe you have used different products from this brand? Let me know! I'm such a huge fan and always want to try out all the stuff they have!
Let me know if you enjoyed this post!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My First Time

So recently I was tagged to do this post by the lovely Heather from - go and check her out she's sweetie!
It is the First Time Tag and I've seen a few of these floating around YouTube and the blogging world and I'm so happy that I have been tagged to do it as I love reminiscing about the past and being a kid!
So here we go.....

My First Best Friend 
When I was a baby I had a friend called Nathan, our mum's were really good friends, we were always together apparently (there are a million photos of us together to prove it!) and we were obsessed with the show Neighbours.
As babies we would crawl to the TV when the theme tune started - which still makes me laugh now!
Another first friend is a lovely lady by the name of Debbie and we are still the best of friends now! She is one of the funniest people I know and after knowing each other for more or less the whole of our lives I know I can talk to her about anything, she is a total babe! Favourite memories include "Sorry I thought it was a 24 hour clock" and doughnuts on the bus - you know what I'm talking about Debra!  

My First Concert
My first concert was Steps' first tour 'Step One' in March 1999
My mum took me to Portsmouth Guildhall to see them for my 9th birthday and I LOVED it! Lolly (remember her?) & A1 supported (this is where my love/obession for A1 started) and my highlight was H coming out and singing a song from The Lion King - amazing!
Did any of you have this album - I had it on cassette and really loved it.

My First Celebrity Crush
Oh dear.... this is embarrassing. I was a huge....HUGE.... Gareth Gates fan. Yeah it's true, 2 walls full of posters/interviews/magazine covers etcetcetc! I even went to Wembley to see his tour with Will Young (as my Mum was/is a massive Will Young fan) I even collected the Gareth Gates magazines.... yes I was THAT cool.
This is a legit photo taken in my room in 2001/2002ish.... and this was only half of it - I know I was a cool kid, don't be jel. Directioners who?

My First Word
I don't actually know.... be right back I'm going to ask my Mum ........ 
Well my first word was - Bubba! Which is what I used to call my dog Buster.... awww cute Kirstie.

My First Job
My first job was the Summer of 2004 - when I was going from Year 9 to Year 10 and I was 14. It was in a local holiday park and me and my friend cleaned the Caravan's after people had checked out.
 I say we cleaned caravans.... we actually cooked all the freezer food the holiday makers had left (like oven chips) and sit and watch Saturday morning TV whilst arguing over who had to clean the toilet - that job donly latest the summer holidays haha!

My First Phone
Like most 12 year old's in 2002 my first phone was a Nokia. I had the 3330e.... which I thought was so super cool because everyone had the 3310 and mine was exactly the same thing but it had the internet. Which I clearly never used.... and yes.... I still have it and yes... that is a Lilo & Stitch cover which I made my Dad buy me from eBay!

My First Tweet
My first tweet was in February 2009 so I can't quite remember it but i'm sure it was something like "How on earth do I use this!?" - my twitter is @KirstieLouiseS

My First Make-up
When I was younger my Mum was an Avon lady for a bit so not only was I always stealing her things but she used to order me the cute kiddie stuff - I think it was called Little Blossom or something like that. There was a lipbalm I really loved, I thought it smelt amazing... I bet it was rank!

I TAG you ALL! Join in the tag - would love to see them all!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Kirstie's Travel Diaries #9 - Universal Studios Hollywood

Catch up with #8 here.

DAY 9 (08/03/12) 

It was a Thursday and we had planned on this day to go to Universal Studios!

We had heard so much amazing stuff and seen so many amazing leaflets and posters that we knew it was high on our list of things to do (the Desperate Housewives set was a major selling point)! As our hotel was only 1 metro stop away from it they sold tickets for a discounted price which was great - I think it was about $75 each for a day ticket (and believe me, it was worth it!)
We headed down to the Hollywood/Highland metro stop early - about 9am. we were a little nervous as we hadn't used the Subway in NYC at all and weren't quite sure how it worked but guessed it was just like the tube so we went on down!
We were surprised by how clean and well-lit it all was to be honest, not the dingy subway station you would imagine or expect!
We got our tickets and hopped on. funnily enough we saw the couple which we had shared the minibus from the airport with on the same metro heading to the same place - small world/city!
We got off the the metro one stop later and crossed over the road towards the Universal building! It was there that we waited for one of the special free minibuses to come and pick us up and take us to the entrance.
We reached the top and reached Universal Citywalk (lots of stores and resturants!) and walked straight up to the entrance to Universal Studios.
Of course before we went in we had to get some photos!
The first place we wanted to go was to the Studio Tour itself, we knew this would be the busiest attraction so we thought going to it first would be our best bet and we were right.

As we had got there not long after the park had opened we more or less got straight onto the tour which was amazing. Cameras out and awesome tour guide in tow, us and a whole minibus full of other movie/TV enthusiast's started on the studio tour.

If you didn't know already Universal Studios is a fully active and running studio full of sets, stages and backdrops, so even when we were there there were things actually being filmed - so we had to be quiet (all very very exciting!)
Being a major movie and TV geek buff I was seriously in my element here! Just seeing some of the special effects stages and the actual real life sets was enough to make me squeal!
They showed us how they can make a flood happen in a matter of seconds and seconds later have it disappeared again - it was insane!
Some of the sets are just incredible, you'll recognise the photo below from films like Bruce Almighty (remember when he's trying to teach his dog to pee outside?) and The Saturdays music video for Higher! Look the back of a HUGE backdrop in the middle of the Studio too - so cool!
There are so many sets here and things to see, I loved seeing Whooville from The Grinch and the plane crash from War Of The Worlds. We are went rhough the 4D King Kong ride which was so so clever - a must do if you go to LA and the studios!

 A major highlight for me was the Desperate Housewives set, yes the real life Wisteria Lane. It is insane that there is this whole road/street/neighborhood just made in the middle of a film studio! It all looks so so real it was so surreal to be in there! (as you can see there is security there 24/7!)
After the tour we thought it was time for some of the rides and attractions! The Shrek ride was the closet to where we had walked to so we started off there! Obviously when we saw Shrek we had to get a photo - what a babe!  We then headed down the escalator the the bottom section and to the rest of the rides!    The mummy ride had to be our favourite I think we went on it about 3 times in a row! I loved this place so so much! Definitely my sort of day out! If you are in La I highly recommend heading over to Universal Studios - it is definitley worth every penny if you are a movie lover, thrill seeker or fun-lover (aka anyone!) Wish I could re-live this day again, loved it so much! Here's some more photos from this fun Thursday!
Just chilling at Universal - check out that view!
We lasted around 30 seconds in here down to my wimp of a best friend who screamed and ran out of the fire exit, I wish everyday that I had filmed it.
As a massive Simpsons fan this was amazing - the ride is so so clever and all the shops and stuff around it really make you feel like you are in Springfield!
'Thank you come again.'
Crash Bandicoot and Fivel - my inner child just couldn't say no!
The end to an incredible day - I seriously loved this place.
Next travel post - Venice beach, Santa Monica and I meet some seriously big YouTubers!!!


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Zoeva Cosmetics : Complete Brush Set

Some people may call me jammy, I'd just like to think of it as lucky.... yes I won another competition!
 Along with Rimmel, Revlon and Umberto Giannini wins this past 6 weeks or so I also managed to win a competition with the lovely people at Zoeva.
Zoeva are a cosmetics brand based in Germany, I'd seen them a few times on twitter and had heard really good things so thought I would enter - why not right?!
The prize I won was the "Complete Set" - a set of 15 make-up brushes and a brush cleanser product - A-mazing.
"The ZOEVA Complete Set is an exclusive selection of ZOEVA’s favorite makeup brushes for face an eye application.
This set contains 15 essential brushes for a perfect makeup finish. From powder, foundation and blush brush, to professional eye brushes for the application of eyeshadow and eyeliner – with this kit you are all set! 
A travel size mini Brush Cleanser is included in this set."Taken from Zoeva's website

The brushes came in a lovely black case/pouch and are all black and silver - simple but gorgeous. There is literally a brush for everything here and I have been using them non-stop for the past week.
106 | Powder Brush
104 | Buffer Brush
102 | Silk Finish Brush
127 | Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush
110 | Face Shape Brush

142 | Concealer Buffer Brush
228 | Crease Brush
227 | Soft Definer Brush
231 | Petit Crease Brush
234 | Smoky Shader Brush

230 | Pencil Brush
317 | Wing Liner Brush
238 | Precise Shader Brush
315 | Fine Liner Brush
321 | Brow Comb
Zoeva Brush Cleanser 15ml

All the brushes are super soft which the first thing I want in a brush and to me they are just as good quality as the Real Technique brushes. (a personal fav)
The silk finish brush is perfect for liquid foundation application and the concealer buffer does the perfect job with my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer!
I'm also loving using the Luxe Sheer Cheek brush for my Sleek contour kit bronzer - it is the perfect shape to contour my cheeks and the powder brush is fab for my ELF Warm bronzer or Fake Bake shimmer brick!
The wing liner brush I actually use with my HD Brows palette to fill in my eyebrows, it works so well!
I can't wait for a big night out soon when I can put to use all the other brushes as I've only done that once so far - other than that I have just been using them fr my day-to-day make-up which is pretty basic!

I highly recommend these brushes and for only €88 for 15 brushes and a brush cleanser I think it is a bargain (works out at just over £5 per item - alot cheaper than going out and buying a whole brush collection separately!)
I'm definitley going to look into trying some of the Zoeva make-up because if the products are as good as the brushes then they are slowly going to be heading up to the top of my fav brands!

Have any of you tried any Zoeva products? What are your favourite brushes to use?


Sunday, 18 August 2013

I'm Moving : Homeware Haul

If you follow me on twitter you will know that in 2 short weeks I am going to be moving out for the first time (yes at the age of 23!) and moving into a flat with my lucky boyfriend! 

So for the last few weeks I have been picking up a few bits here and there for it - it is addictive - and when I mentioned doing a little homeware haul on twitter you were all really interested so I thought I'd go ahead and do one! (My twitter is @KirstieLouiseS )
Here is just a few things I have picked up for my new flat!
(Obviously I've been ordering pretty new furniture too but that isn't here yet and I didn't really think kitchen utensils and a wok or two would interested you all!)
I actually picked up this canvas a little while ago (you may have seen on instagram!) but it has just been sat in my room, because I am lazy, so I thought it would be perfect to take to the new flat. 
I love everything it says - it is so true (minus the fact I hate coffee). I'm thinking of putting it up in the bathroom as it goes with the colour scheme in there ... and it does say "bubble bath" on it! It is from good old Matalan and was only £8 - bargain!

I love these boxes so so much! Don't you think they are so pretty?! I've had just one for ages and when I knew I was moving out I thought they'd be perfect for storing lots of stuff in (as I'm not taking all my furniture from home).
 At the moment I have one for photos, one for all my travelling memories - (tickets, photos, bits and bobs etc) and I have a third one in which I haven't filled yet but I think it would be perfect for birthday cards/postcards and little memories that I have kept over the years ....I  may be a little bit of a hoarder! I also really want to buy another one for nail polishes and at the moment my storage for all of mine isn't great! I'm going to keep them under my dressing table when it arrives! They are from Tesco and are about £4.25/£4.50ish!

These are just some tissues boxes (boring to some of you) and I merely bought them because they had a cute pattern and they were on offer! 
2 for £2 in Boots and they are meant to be £1.99 each anyway, bargain I'd say! I thought these would look cute on each of our bedside tables (nice and symmetrical!) .... yes he is having a flowery box of tissues and will have to deal with it!

Sorry about the annoying flash in the photo! Now I know some of you may find this a weird thing to have bought so soon but because I yo-yo so much with my weight I knew I had to have these to keep on track! Quote my Mum "you WILL put on weight when you move in with a boyfriend" .... No I shall not haha! I got these paricular ones as they are digital and I feel they are probably more accurate that your ordinary scales! They are from Boots and were around £16ish I think.

This is something I bought maybe over a year ago. (I know I know it shouldn't be in this recent haul blah blah blah but shhhh it's being included!)
 I saw it on and obviously fell in love and with it being only £3.29 or so I had to buy it. 
It is a Wizard Of Oz tea towel and when I bought it I said "this is for when I move out!" so here she is! Looking on now it is a ridiculous £17.21 ... but I'm sure you can find it cheaper elsewhere!

These cute floral lined wicker baskets are from Tesco and were only £9 for the pair! I thought these would be perfect for storing products in!
As you can see I have been picking up stuff for the boyf and I already! All these things have been on offer (£1 or just over) so I grabbed them while I could - will keep us going for a while! 

Candles, candles, candles I love candles.
I have been buying the "Damson and Pomegranate" one for years from Tesco and it is probably one of my favourite candle scents ever. So, when I went into Tesco and saw that they now make an extra large version of it for only £5 I was in there like swimwear!
£5 for 80hours burning time of the most amazing smell - you can't say no!
The other candle I got is the Yankee Candle in "Black Coconut" and again (of course) this was another bargain! I have been eyeing up this badboy for months, I love coconut scents and Yankee candles are always such good quality and this was HALF PRICE!
Yup, the Clinton Cards by me at the moment are having a big old sale (possibly closing down the poor old thing!) and this included some of the Yankee candles so I got this for £8.49 instead of £16.99 - Barry Bargain! (and it will go with all the furniture I've purchased so far!)

Lastly, something I nearly forgot about, is this little sweet jar! (Photo from phone instead of camera - sorry!) I actually saw this in a charity shop and with it being only £1.50 I thought - why not! It is a cream china and covered in Liquorice Allsorts - perfect to whack in the kitchen and keep little treats in!

Let me know what you think of this post and if you want to see anymore updates or posts about my move and new flat!


Thursday, 15 August 2013

OOTD : Get The Look - 'Totally Clueless'

Cher Horowitz has been an icon of mine ever since I first watched Clueless as a child. I was equally obsessed with the TV show as the movie and Cher was always my favourite character.
Who wouldn't want that computer wardrobe thingy?!
I LOVE the 90s preppy look and today when I was getting dressed I thought I would try and  channel my inner Cher and recreate her look!
(If you haven't seen Clueless then 1. I am disappointed in you and 2. you are totally missing out.)

"I feel like such a heifer. I had two bowls of Special K, 3 pieces of turkey bacon, a handful of popcorn, 5 peanut butter M&M's and like 3 pieces of licorice"

Red Alice Band - Primark
Yellow Cardigan - New Look
White Blouse - New Look
Checked Skirt - New Look
Red Pumps - Primark

Firstly I just want to say I have no idea why this is so blurry - not a happy bunny :( sorry for the bad quality!

90% of this outfit is from New Look but that was just a coincidence!
I love the matching skirts/blazer combos that Cher always wears and the bright colours, especially all the yellow!
Unfortunately I don't own a matching blazer and skirt - which needs to change asap but I mixed a few of her styles from the movie into one! 

The 3 key pieces I've stolen from her looks in the movie are the thick alice band, the yellow cardigan and the check print skirt! (and it obviously helps that I'm blonde!)
The blouse I am wearing underneath the cardigan is just a sheer white button up with front pockets and I got it brand new with tags from eBay for £4.99 - bargain!
Alot of this stuff I have actually owned for a while so it is unlikely that you will still be able to find it in the stores - but I am sure there is a wide range of look-a-like items both in high-street stores and online (eBay is always a winner)!
I love this look, some of you may hate it and think I look ridiculous - everyone has their own taste!

Quick post for you all today - let me know if you like it and if you do give me some other looks to recreate!

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