Sunday, 7 July 2013

What's In My Bag?

Now this is a post I have been wanting to do for a while.
I always love other peoples whether it be on their blog or on their youtube.... I think this is because I can be quite nosey and I love to know what everyone else carries around with them, I'm sure I'm not the only one like this! So here we go... Kirstie's What's In My Bag post...
My bag is from Zara and is the green mini shopper - if you have been on my blog recently (thank you) then you would have seen it in my June Favourites post! 
I love it and even though it's called the "mini" shopper, it isn't mini at all! 
I like to carry a lot round with me and this bag is perfect! It fits in so so much and doesn't look ridiculously big, it is actually the perfect size for me, and it was only £22.99 - a Barry Bargain some might say!

Cath Kidston Umbrella - Clearly living in England this has to be up there with the top things to carry around with you! I think this was a limited edition one for the Olympics last year, I got it for Christmas and love that it is so compact!

Soap & Glory Hand Food - The best hand cream ever, so nice to have it with me all the time.

My iPod - This is my first and only iPod I've ever had - it's doing me well! It is the 120b silver classic and holds soooo much, I have thousands of songs, Tv Shows, Movies - I wouldn't ever buy any other iPod other than a classic.

My Phone - I love this badboy and don't go anywhere with out (man I sound sad but I bet you are all the same!) It is the white iPhone 4S , my contract isn't up until March next year so will have it for a little while longer yet!

Half a packet of Polo's - I like to have these in my bag to keep my breath fresh!

Hair Scrunchie - Random! (From eBay)

My Kindle - This was mentioned in my Colours Of The Rainbow Tag post. I love reading so when my boyfriend bought me a Kindle out of the blue I was so excited! I got this case from as I (obviously) love the Wizard Of Oz and thought it was so cute!

My Purse - Can't go anywhere without this badboy! My purse is a metallic pewter FCUK wallet with a bow detail! I got it from ASOS a few months ago and it's so handy, lots of card space and zip pocket! I'm the sort of girl who changes her purse alot, I alwasy want to buy a new one!

Diary - I always have this in my bag, it is the Cath Kidston small 2014 diary and it is perfect, week per page and lots of spaces for notes too!

Princess pen - write in my diary... duh! Got this at Disneyworld last year!

Make-up - I only carry around lip products with me on a day-to-day basis (as I'm normally only at work or in my local area). I used to carry around my whole make-up bag when I was younger but I near enough never needed it so I decided to stop! Here I have Barry M Lipgloss in Bubblegum, Rimmel's Apocalips in Nova, Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch and a Carmex tube in Strawberry. (I like to have options alright!?)

Keys - I don't drive (I know I'm a loser!) so I literally only have my house key which is on a cute Alice In Wonderland thingy and I also have my Dorothy keyring (do you see a theme?) and my keyring from Kardashian Khaos in Vegas! 

Pink Chiffon Body Spray - I mentioned this in my May Favourites it is from Bath & Body Works (so I can't get it easily in the UK :( ) and I love the scent so much, brings back amazing memories of being in America aswell everytime I spray it!

Soap & Glory Hand Maid Anti-Bac - I love anti-bacs, I can't leave the house without one.... so I have two! This soap and glory one smells amazing and I talk about it more in my Beauty Buys Of The Week post. I also have the Bath & Body Works (they do the best hand gels) one in Warm Vanilla Sugar. (yum!)

Travalo - If you don't have one of these you are crazy (learn more about them here) In this one I currently have Taylor Swift - Wonderstruck, which is my favourite perfume of the past year or so. (Taylor Swift & smells amazing - win win!)

Glasses - I probably don't wear these enough but I carry them round with me 24/7 anyway, they are by Guess. I'm kind of bored of them now and when I can afford some new ones I'm going to change my frames to something a bit cooler!

Hairbands & Grips - A girl always needs these in her bag.

Hello Kitty Pocket Tissues - just a given, why wouldn't you carry tissues around with you?!

Pocket Mirror - Wizard Of Oz themed once again (I always get bought these things for xmas and birthdays :) ) Always handy to have a mirror with you!

Sunglasses - These are from River Island but sold on ASOS and were only £2 in the sale last year - bargain! 

So there we have it - that is what I carry around with me on a daily basis. (Sorry if that was super boring!) 
What do you keep in your handbag?


  1. I'm the same...I need to have my anti-bac hand gel with me!:)

  2. I practically have the same things in my bag as you do, most girls seem too haha. Love the bag though! xx

    1. haha girls will be girls - we do need all these things! xxx

  3. love that bag! that wallet is adorable as well!


  4. Haha such a typically British bag - sunglasses AND an umbrella :p my bag is similarly full!! Whoops! I may have to do this post soon - I love seeing what people have in their bags too :) xxx

    1. haha I know right? You never know what that sky is going to do though! Yes do it! xxxx

  5. Woah for a relatively small bag you can fit a lot in it! I really want to get this bag now :D xx

  6. That is a lot of things for one standard day bag :P
    But love the colour of your bag though (:

    The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

    1. haha I like to be prepared for everything! x

  7. I love What's In My Bag posts :) and you certainly manage to fit a lot in yours! I'd do one of these but not sure how glamorous my old train tickets and empty water bottles would be... Claire xx

  8. I love your bag, such a nice colour! xxx


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