Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Festival Fashion - The Evolution

So.... we all LOVE Festival fashion don't we?! Well... how amazing is this new feature on New Look's website at the moment?
The Evolution of Festival Fashion -

You can click on the years through 1969 to 2013 and check out what Festivals, styles and music were on trend back then and how they all had an influence on each other! I really loved going through this and seeing how many I have worn, loved and loathed over the years (even the ones I wasn't alive for!)
Here are a few of my favs....

I love do love listening to rock music (not all of it mind you but some I adore ... The Pretty Reckless being my favourite band ever!) and the style shown here is one that's close to my heart - I love the boohoo hippy style, very Nicole Richie and Vanessa Hudgens!

1996 and the 'genre' is Brit Pop. I mean... what isn't to like? Reading through the "style" section and it says 'Aloha shirts, paisley shirts, printed pees, parka jackets' - sound familiar? Yup it sounds seriously like the style of 2013 right now and I love it! 
Well obviously this one was going to be close to my heart - The Isle Of Wight Festival. My home and the first festival I ever went too! The first time I went was 2005 and I've been 7 times since then. With printed scarves and skinny jeans being on the style fashion items for this year I know most of you are going to be a fan!

 Another proud moment,  my home being mentioned again with Bestival - my favourite festival! With Bestival being the only fancy dress festival I think literally anything goes! If you haven't been to a Festival before I really really recommend you go to Bestival - I have yet to meet someone who's attended and not liked it! 
Even though this has been shown as 2006 I think all the indie and new rave fashion items and designers listed are still totally on trend and being rocked at every festival - fluroscent colours being a huge one.  Izzy Azaela being a personal fav of mine - always love what she is wearing!
At last but not least this year, 2013! I've been to one Festival so far this year and as always I noticed so many cool trends and styles, I love people who wear something a bit different and stand out from the crowd! Trust your own style and rock whatever you fancy!
What have you been wearing to Festival this year?
Or are planning on going to any of the Festivals yet to happen?

Check it out HERE and let me know which styles, trends and genres are your favourties (or if you buy anything from the New Look site.... I am obsessed with their current range!)


  1. This looks like such an awesome site - opened it in a tab and ready to play around on it now! Thanks! :D

    Yinyin xx

    1. Let me know what your favourite bit was :) xxx


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