Sunday, 23 June 2013

This? or That?

I've really been in the mood to do a tag post - I love reading them aswell as writing them and after asking on twitter for some ideas I decided to do the This or That? Tag post - Thank you LoveFromSammie for the recommendation! 
I think the point of the post is pretty obvious (I hope) there's a set of questions and I've just got to pick which one I would choose out of the two!
 So enough of me yapping.... Here we go .... there's 40 questions so get a cup of tea and get comfy...

1. Blush or Bronzer? 100% Bronzer! I love the stuff and to be honest I never really use blusher, I just don't really like it on me. And really all you have to do is embarrass me a bit and there you go - blushed up to the max for free!  

2. Lipgloss or Lipstick? I'm going to say lipgloss! Just for the pure fact that you can wear it for any occasion! Clear lipgloss if you basically want nothing and then you can layer on a red lipgloss if you want a vibrant lip! See I'm thinking these through and as much as I love lipsticks I think you can do more with lip glosses!

3. Eyeliner or Mascara? Oh hands down - Mascara! I have such short eyelashes that mascara literally saves my face from looking like a 15 year olds, couldn't live without it!
(All time favourite is Maxfactor Masterpiece max & current favourites are Benefit They're Real and Rimmel Lash Accelerator)  

4. Foundation or Concealer? Foundation. Even though I am blessed with fairly good skin I still wear it near enough everyday, I just prefer how I look with it on!
I always wear a full coverage foundation like L'oreal's True Match or Mac Studio Sculpt and really I only ever use concealer for the bags under my eyes!

5. Neutral or coloured eyeshadow? Neutral! Urban Decay's Naked Palette is my holy grail - I am obsessed with it. Any crazy colours just have me looking a bit dodgey (drag queen) where I have really small eyes! 

6. Pressed or loose eyeshadows? Pressed - cant be dealing with all that mess!

7. Brushes or sponges? Definitely brushes - think I've used a sponge once in my life! How the hell would you do a full-face of make-up with just sponges!!?

8. OPI or Nails Inc? To be honest I own both but wouldn't rave about either being my favourite! I'd definitley pick OPI for their range of colours, cute names and the overall quality of the product I think, but my favourite polishes are Barry M & Essie!

9. Long or Short? Both can look nice! I'd say if they are long then I think they need to be fake as they look neater (some peoples natural long nails creep me out....)! But I love the short look aswell, especially in summer with some nice shellac on them! 

10. Acrylic or natural? Can I say Gel? Or Shellac? If I'm having fake nails I always get gel with shellac polish on the and I LOVE shellac on its own too! 
BUT..... I own so many nail polishes aswell that its nice to have them natural so I can chop and change all the time! ( clearly just didn't answer that question....)

11. Darks or Brights? Brights! And I love pastels, so many different choices out there, I own like 20 shades of different pinks .... Is this normal? (I do love dark colours in winter though.)

12. Flower or no flower? No flower. This is a strange question.

13. Lotion or body butter? So I'm guessing these questions aren't about nails anymore..... I'd say body butter I love a thick creamy moisturiser like Soap & Glory's Righteous Butter! 

14. Body wash or soap? Body wash..... Soap kind of creeps me out.... Surely it's dirty? 

15. Jeans or sweatpants? If you catch me at home you will see that I LIVE in sweatpants/pyjamas so I think thats what I'd choose.... I don't think I'd pull them off walking down the highstreet though but I wear dresses/skirts/leggings more or less 24/7 anyway! 

16. Long sleeve or short? Short? Long? Depends on the weather I live in England! 

17. Dresses or skirts? Dresses - one item, outfit done. Boom. (Minus the thousands of accessories I'd clearly whack on too!) 

18. Stripes or plain? I'm going to say plain, I love stripes but these could be unflattering and plain is easier to style and accessorise! 

19. Flip flops or sandals? Sandals - anything that makes feet look a little bit prettier is good with me! 

20. Scarves or hats? You can go wrong with a good scarf and they are great for all seasons! (I am aware hats are too but shhh....I'm picking scarves as I don't want hat hair!)

21. Studs or dangly earrings? If this was 4 years ago I'd would have probably said dangly but I've changed my tune and basically never take out my Tiffany silver studs - so studs it is! 

22. Denim or Leather? There was no 22. so I've added one! I think I would have to pick leather... I can't live without a leather jacket!

23. Heels or flats? I love both! I'd probably go for flats (if this decision was for the rest of my life!) so many choices and can still rock a cute dress in flats/sandals! Also how would I go running if not?!

24. Cowboy or riding boots? Don't own either...... Can I say both? Neither? Not fussed people, I'm not fussed! 

25. Jacket or hoodie? Jacket, a hoodie is not acceptable for all occasions (am I taking this tag too seriously..?) 

26. Topshop or River Island?  Topshop, where I live we don't have River Island and I prefer Topshop to it anyway, they are always first to bring out the trends and the quality is always great.

27. Curly or Straight? Nice big curls look amazing! I think the length my hair is now aswell having it straight just doesn't suit me! 

28. Bun or ponytail? Buns! Messy or a neat doughnut I love them! Hair on top of your head is the most comfortable style ever. (Got to love a Zoella ponytail though!) 

29. Bobby pins or Butterfly Clips? Bobby pins (aka hair grips) are my life..... Although who steals them? I mean seriously one day I have 100 and then...2! Where do they go?!

30. Hair spray or Gel? Hairspray although I hardly ever use it - only if I've curled my hair or if I'm going on a night out! (Back in the year 2000 though I rocked that slick gel look ... Along with butterfly clips across my head!)

31. Long or Short? I've had both and loved both but LONG. Can do so much more with it, I cannot wait for mine to grow to a decent length! 

32. Light or dark? I have been every colour - literally. But always come back to blonde, I love it and most people say it suits me best (NOT for my personality haha!) So light! (although I do love the Kardashians....)

33. Side sweep bangs or full bangs (bangs = fringe)? I'd pick side sweep, easier to change and style differently. Had a full fringe a couple of years ago though and loved it ... Until it grew out!

34. Up or down? I normally have it up at the moment as I'm trying to grow it so not using any heat on it! But as soon as its long again I will be wearing it down all the time! 

35. Rain or Shine? Shine - Sunshine makes you happier - fact! Although being snuggled up inside when it's raining is an amazing feeling.

36. Summer or Winter? I love both but living in England we never get a summer anyway so I'm going to say winter! I love wrapping up and layering my outfits plus it's Christmas and my birthday (Feb is still winter in my opinion!) - bonus!

37. Fall Or Spring? Fall for Bestival, Spring for Easter (I love chocolate.)

38. Chocolate or Vanilla? (haha in link to the previous question!) I love chocolate, if I could I would live off it - breakfast, lunch and dinner.

39. Shower or Bath? Shower, makes me feel cleaner, fresher and it's lot easier to use everything! A nice relaxing bath is good once in a while though! 

40. Comedy or Horror? Comedy - I love stuff that can make me laugh out loud, things like Bridesmaids make me so happy!

So there we go, maybe you learnt a bit more about me then? What are your thoughts? Any questions you totally disagree with me with?
 I TAG YOU ALL to do the This Or That Tag! I wouldlove to know what you'd pick and why so make sure to send me your links if you do this post!



  1. Great post and I agreed with most of your answers actually! I didn't understand the flower question though haha.
    Nicki x

    1. haha me either... must mean flowers on your nails but.... so random!!! x

  2. This is a great post! Number 12 is a bit of an odd one.. I'd assume it meant in your hair but then it is in the nails section so who knows!?

    Jess xo

    1. ooo you could be right there! No idea why it was in the nails section.... and no idea why there wasn't a question #22! xxx


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