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Kirstie's Travel Diaries #5 - Shopping, Simpson & Serendipity

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DAY 6 (05/03/12)

Yup the day had come, our last day in New York City (until 5 weeks time when we were coming back!) I woke up at 6am after a really really weird dream and then got up at around 8am! 
We had decided that today we wanted to head back to soho (and back to Dash) and check out all the stores before we went off to meet a friend of my friend's family for lunch!
We knew how far soho was from our hotel from last time so we decided to save time and get a taxi! Dash was obviously our first stop after not being able to go in last time as we were too early!
Being huge Kardashian fans we were so excited to go in the store we had seen on TV so many times and look at everything that it had to offer! We loved all the merchandise and both left with the make-up bag (which I still use to this very day) among other things!
After Dash we went to another few favourites - H&M, Victoria's Secret, Topshop and got a bit over excited with the debit cards! (you have to remember that we have 1 suitcase for 6 weeks.... we shouldn't be buying alot!)
Pit-stop time and of course where else would we go but... Starbucks (I don't even like coffee, but I'll take a good green tea any day!) 
We got a drink and something to eat and had a nice sit-down! Now whilst in Starbucks we discovered something SUPER exciting! Our next stop was LA and we knew that we had already amazingly been given tickets for the Jay Leno show (The Tonight Show) BUT we had no idea who was going to be on it as they don't announce it on their site until the week before!
 So today was a Monday, a week before our trip down to Burbank in LA to be in the audience at The Tonight Show so when I went online and checked I was so excited to see they had announced the celebrities guests! JESSICA SIMPSON. Yup, even though she was 8months pregnant, she was going to be the main guest on the show when WE were going to be in the auidence - this was SO exciting!!! (clearly had to get a screenshot later that day!)

After alot of squealing and tweeting we decided to get back out to the shops - our time in NYC was ticking!
Hollister was next and oh my god it was huge! Floors and floors and floors of stuff! I'm not sure about Hollister, nice to have a look round but I never really buy anything (I don't get walking round in the dark getting headache from too much branded perfume) but anywho I got some flip-flops as I thought they'd come in handy in the upcoming weeks!
Bit of eye candy on a billboard and shopping in Hollister
Now we knew we were meeting my friend's family friend at the famous cafe Serendipity 3 and we knew this was a long long walk so it was taxi time again!
Here's a photo of my hailing the cab, we like to capture every moment with photos.... have you noticed yet?

The taxi didn't take long and we were at the Cafe. It seemed so much smaller than I was expecting and as soon as we walked in I saw that we had a wait in front of us!
The waiter took my name (which can I just say NO-ONE understands in the States, Kristy? Kacey? Krystal? Kayleigh? NO it is Kirstie!!! I had this trouble alot.) 
The weather wasn't great so we waited inside and I wasn't long before my friend's family friend turned up too so it was nice to have someone else to talk to while we waited!
Finally though our table was ready and we were lead into the cafe and quite near the back! 
It is so cute and quaint inside Serendipity 3 and the menu is insane! 
Where it was a random time of day we didn't go for a meal we all just had a cake/dessert and drink each! I had an amazing chocolate cake and a cup of tea and I am so gutted that I don't have a photo to share!
A bite to eat and some great chats later and it was time to head back to our hotel on the other side of town! 
We luckily got a lift (although we struggled to remember actually where our hotel was AGAIN! haha!) and it didn't take that long before we were back at our hotel faced with the mammouth task of packing for our flight the next day!
Out flight was at 12pm so we were planning to leave the hotel around 9am to make sure we got there in time with all the morning traffic!
We popped to the shop, grabbed a few necessities and went back to the hotel again for our last sleep in New York.



  1. Haha I always have the opposite problem over here - everyone wants to call me Kirsty and not Christy! Found your blog via Joelle's "Blog love of the week" & am now following. I'm loving your NYC posts, I'm heading there in December. Exciiited! x

    1. haha noway! Where are you? Awww so glad you came over and are liking it! xxxx


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