Wednesday, 12 June 2013

30 Day Snap #12 - Shopaholics Anonymous

Okay firstly, apologies that this is another clothing item for my 30 Day Snap,  but I have wanted this top for soooo long. 
Sometimes I'll see something and love it and then a few weeks later see it again and be over it, but this was different. It has been in my 'saved items' on ASOS for weeks and weeks now and I'm so so glad I finally splashed out (yes £18 to me is splashing out #tight) and ordered it.... along with a few other things - I have no self control!
I need to go to a Shopaholics Anonymous meeting pronto!
It is from River Island (although I bought it from ASOS as I get free delivery) and has this awesome batman print all over it! Like I said before I am obsessed with Little Mix and their style and this is them down to a 'tee' (bad pun alert!)
I am off to the IOW Festival tomorrow and can't wait to wear this with hopefully a denim dunagree dress! I know some of you may totally hate this but I really love prints and graphic tees like this and you can't go wrong with a good superhero!
(Post's may be a bit short/slow/less frequent this weekend as I'm busy busy fooling around in a field! But if you comment or follow me on Twitter (KirstieLouiseS) I'll get back to you asap)

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  1. Hi Kirstie,

    Love your blog!! Now following, this top is gorgeous, I also have no self control when it comes to ASOS!!

    Thank you for sending me your link on twitter, would love it if you followed me back - my blog is still a baby!

    Emily xxx

    1. Thank you so much :-) I need ASOS rehab!! I will definitely go and check it out :) x

  2. I love ASOS and I love getting River Island clothing from there :)
    I can totally relate to that finally feeling of buying something that's been on your saved items for ever! Haha it's the best!


    1. Sam! ASOS Premier is by far one of the best things I'e ever purchased! I have soooo much in my saved items, it's getting unhealthy! x

  3. I have seen this top and wanted to know where I could buy it and now I know! Love it!!

    Chloe xx

    1. Yeah! River Island or ASOS - £18! xxxx

  4. UUU I love this top *_*
    I've never seen anything like it before =P

    A loser like me

    1. me too :) wore it this weekend and love it! x


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