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The Colours Of The Rainbow Tag - Beauty & Fashion

After seeing Ingrid (MissGlamorazzi) & Elle (AllThatGlitters21) do this tag video on YouTube it gave me the idea to put it into a blog post!
 The ideas is too pick your favoutite beauty product/s for each of the colours of the rainbow - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet PLUS Pink and multicoloured  because hey, we are girls and we love those things...duh!
Now obviously the actually product doesn't have to be that colour, as lets be honest there arent that many indigo moisturisers or green lip glosses out there on the market, so it can also be anything on the packaging for the product or even the name too!

I am most likely going to have a number of items for each colour as I am so so indecisive AND I'm also going to be using some fashion favourites to make it a bit more interesting!

1. RED

Mac Lipstick in M.A.C. RED - I really love this colour it's probably a slight shade darker than all my other 'pillar box bright red' lipsticks so I like that it's a bit different. I am a big fan of mac lipsticks, the colours and overall affect are always of a really high quality and look great for both day and evenings.
Bath & Body Works Pocket Anti-Bac in Paint The Town Red - I am such an over user of anti-bacterial hand gels and always have at least 2 floating around in my handbag. So when I went to America last year I knew that I wanted to get some of the infamous B&BW hand gels that I'd seen and heard so much about. The scent to them ALL is amazing and  this one being no exception. With the scent being 'strawberry kiss'  it smells good enough to eat and with it's name I thought it would be perfect to include in this tag!

2. Orange

Matalan Horse Embellished Clutch Bag - I go this bag probably at the beginning of the year and it was only £5 in the sale! I have seen many other version of this clutch at places like ASOS and they have always been alot more expensive so I was so happy to get a bargain. It is perfect for a night-out and I love using it as a pop of colour with a plain outfit or matching it to other orange/coral colours that I am wearing. ( and it fits so much in it which is great for me as I like to be prepared for everything)
Essie Nail Polish in Meet Me At Sunset - This is the first Essie product I have owned and it was actually given to me for Christmas. It has made me immediately fall in love with their nail polishes and that is mainly because I am so bad at applying polish and this brush made it 100 times easier! The colour is a darker burnt orange colour and I love it. I recently when to an "Orange themed" birthday party and wore this, it was perfect.

3. Yellow

Soap And Glory Smoothie Star Body Milk - (this is a very pale yellow although it doesn't seem to have shown up in the photo) It will come to no surprise to you that the number 1 reason why I love this product is the scent. Soap and glory have an amazing way of making anything smell incredible and this is one of my favourites. This body milk uses almond, cocoa, yogurt, oat and honey and is a deep moisturising lotion which I use everyday after a shower. If you get dry or rough skin this product is fantastic it features a 'waterlock mositure trapping matrix' and makes your skin feels great.
e.l.f. Mineral Bamboo Make-up Brushes - I always think that the better your brushes, the better your make-up will look. You aren't going to get an amazing smokey eye using 3 different colours by using your fingers. But that doesn't always mean you have to spend huge amounts. I've had these brushes probably for about a year now and they are my go-to brushes whenever I'm going for a night-out and want a full-face of make-up. The eyeshadow/concealer brushes in particular are brilliant and work perfectly with my Urban Decay Naked Palette (which for me is my favourite) and the eyeliner brush I actually use daily for my HD Brows palette.

4. Green

Primark plimsolls - I purchased these last month as I thought the colour was just perfect for spring and summer this year. They were only £3 and having had these type of shoes before from Primark I knew they would be worth the cheap price. I can't wait to wear these with some cute frilly ankle socks and think they could go with pretty much any outfit.
Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser - If I was only ever allowed to give one piece of skincare/make-up removal advice for the rest of my life it would be to use this product. I am a known mascara over-user and wear a high coverage foundations and powder and yet still this product gets my face cleaner and fresher than any other make-up remover or cleanser I have ever used and it smells great.

5. Blue

Vaseline - This is probably an obvious one to you all but vaseline has got to be in here. I am prone for getting dry sore lips and this is always on my bedside table just in case it's a classic and I have used it in for years and years.
Primark Blue Polka Dot Shirt - Back to Primark again and this super cute shirt I picked up last month. I love the sort of 80s/90s look it has and have worn it loads since I got it! Can't wait to wear it over the summer with some dungarees and will definitely be in my Festival gear.

6. Indigo
Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Perfume - When I worked in a fashion retail store I was always getting girls walk past me with this perfume on and I would always wonder what it was because I loved it. If you don't like sweet scents this is definitely not a perfume for you. It is a super sweet strong smelling perfume, very sugary and it stays on your skin/clothing for hours. I've had this perfume for a couple of years now and even thought it's quite a cheap perfume compared to others I own it's still one that I reach for most days.

7. Violet
Travalo   (I am aware that this may technically not be "violet" but it's the closest I'm getting. ) If you've never heard of these then you need to get yourself onto google/amazon right now and check them out. It is a super quick and easy, mess-free way to take your perfume out and about with you when you are on the go. I originally bought 2 of these for when I went travelling and they were perfect - I wasn't taking any breakables, I had 2 different scents and I was basically taking up no space in my bag. They are fantastic and I don't leave home without one.

8. Pink

Victoria's Secret Illuminating Face Powder in All Or Nothing - This is by far the best powder highlighter I've ever used. Again I bought this in the states so I try only to use it on special occasions as I am dreading the day it runs out as I am nowhere near a Victoria's Secret where I live. It is super shimmery pink which looks great both on the cheek bones and on the brow bones and I believe it was around $18.
Barry M Lip glosses -  In my opinion Barry M have some of the best lip products on the UK market and I use them constantly.
The Lip glosses I have pictured are number 5 which is Bubblegum, this literally smells like bubblegum and I am addicted. This is my number 1 favourite lipgloss of all time and I have lost count of how many I've been through over the years. The other is number 11 which is Coral and again this smells incredible. 
The lipglosses are really smooth, highly pigmented and not sticky at all (which is what I HATE) and they only cost around £4.50 each. They are by far the best lipglosses I own and I would recommend them to anyone. There are so many other shades and colours too so check them out (I highly recommend Number 2 in Toffee which guess what... smells like toffee is a gorgeous nude colour - another fav of mine!) 

9. Multicoloured
My Kindle Case - I know this isn't beauty or fashion related but it is still revelant to my blog, well that's how I like to think of it!
 This case is from TruffleShuffle and is by a brand called 'Run For Covers'! I have always loved The Wizard Of Oz and anything to do with it (hench the name of the blog) so when I saw this was available for kindle I bought it straight away. It's good quality, light, protects my kindle well and I love having a case that's a bit different.

Thank you so much for reading this post and please let me know in the comments what you think of it and if you have tried or own any of the products/items I have mentioned :-)



  1. Wow this is an amazing idea for a tag post :). Although i'd never decide on what products to chose lol

    1. Took me ages! So hard with Indigo and Violet too haha! and had about 20 pink products I wanted to use! xxxxx

  2. Hello! I've just come across your blog and I absolutely love it! This tag looks so much fun to do, I really enjoyed reading it! I have that Britney Spears perfume and the Soap & Glory body lotion. The lotion smells absolutely amazing, it's gorgeous! I just want to eat it haha! Great post :) x

    1. thank you so much that means alot! omg I know it smells soooooo good, I love their breakfast scrub aswell, sometimes I am actually tempted to eat some just too see! x

  3. Such a cute review!! Love it, what a great idea :) xx

  4. lovely tag! I think the green pumps are adorable, and would be perfect with frilly socks, might have to get myself some;)

    Harriet x

    1. So cute aren't they! and for £3 you can't say no! Got some pink polka dot ones too! xx

    2. wow, i soooooo need to get some now!! xx

  5. This is on of the best tags iver seen in a long time!
    I really love it. :)

    Kelly ||

  6. Love the green Primark shoes! Too cute I'm sad we don't have a Primark in the US!

    Xo, Janelle GlamorousMama

  7. I love this post! It's such a brilliant idea :)
    I Loved the Britney Spears perfume above as i got given it as a gift around 6 years ago now and had forgotten about how much i loved it! After seeing this i will definitely be buying some more :)
    And absolutely Love the blue polka dot shirt from Primark too! x

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