Tuesday, 21 May 2013

'Sale away with me'

I'm the sort of girl who hates paying full price for most things, call me a cheap skate or tight but why pay full price is there is going to be an offer or a discount anytime soon or if there is a place which sells it cheaper? Maybe this baffles some of you and I'm not saying I don't buy things full price because I do, but I will always search for a discount code or an offer if it is from an online store, that's just me. I am a self-confessed bargain hunter.

 I get e-mailed so many times a day from all the fashion sites I have signed up to over the years and 95% of the time I don't even bother reading them (bad I know) unless that is I see my favourite word.... "Sale". 
Last week this happened to me with one of my favourite high street stores New Look. So, even though I was on the phone at the time, I went straight onto my laptop, some classic female multi-tasking, and onto their site. 
Needless to say this was probably a bad idea for the sake of my New Look store card BUT I did manage to get some utter bargains (everything I ordered was £7 or under) for the upcoming months which I am so happy with.

New Look sale's online tend to sell out super quick as alot of the time it is between 50-70% off so alot of what I show you may already be sold out but that's not to say you shouldn't still look anyway!

Eylure 152 False Lashes - £2
5 Pack Of Socks - £2
Silver Collar Bead Necklace - £3
Black Floral High Neck Crop Top - £3
Black Egyptian Print High Neck Crop Top - £4
Pink Check Print Skirt - £4
Black & White Tartan Print Skirt - £5
Elephant Aztec Print Midi Skirt - £5
Coral Pinafore Dress - £6
Black Floral Print Pinafore Dress - £7
Black & White Polka Dot Tea Dress - £7
(All size 10, all from New Look)

I love this dress and necklace combination, I wore this when I went out for dinner a few evenings ago.

I've put crop top under both of the pinafore dresses (both again from New Look) and a statement necklace with each, I love this 90s style look and can't wait to wear them once we have some sunshine, although I'd even where them with tights too. I think they would look great with some frilly socks and some converse trainers.
Necklaces : Left - New Look , Right - Primark. 

I am actually still waiting for some of the stuff which I've ordered to arrive so hopefully they'll be more to add to this haul soon....



  1. Oh wow you've picked up loads of nice stuff - I'm going shopping next week so will definitely pick up some sale stuff from new look! X

    1. Thank you! So pleased with it all and it was all a bargain!! xx

  2. I love finding a bargain! I ended up spending quite a bit in New Look's sale - I bought the floral pinafore dress too x

    1. New Look sales are always dangerous! I ordered more than this in a separate order but it still isn't arrived :( only 4 items but I want them now haha!! xxxx


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