Monday, 27 May 2013

Making a statement

Accessories, in my opinion, can either make or break an outfit. 
You could have the most beautiful dress, but put some tacky bangles and an awful over-sized ring with it and your look is ruined. Or you could been wearing just a plain jersey skirt & top but pair it with some big statement earrings and a coordinating scarf and your outfit has gone from a 3 to a 10 in 2 items.
This blogpost is going to be all about a trend in which I have been loving for quite some time now and that is statement necklaces.

Statement necklaces are perfect for jazzing up a plain outfit and  can take it from drab to fab in seconds and with most celebrities have jumping on the bandwagon I think this trend is going to be around for a while. Whatever high-street shop you go into this week I can guarantee that they will have a growing section of statement necklaces, weather a plain chain or multi-coloured with flowers on it, big necklaces have made a big impact.

I only have a few necklaces (and some of them are not even that physically big) but they are all necklaces that can be worn with a variety of outfits for both day and evening which helps make them look different everytime which I love!

Below I have included photos a few outfits with the necklaces that I have been loving lately. I, like a lot of you too I imagine, am on a budget and all of the necklaces I am going to show were actually no more than around £7 each.

1.  Necklace - New Look
Red Swing Dress - ASOS

2.  Necklace - New Look
Grey Pug Sweater - Alice Takes A Trip
Polka Dot Dress - New Look

3.  Necklace - eBay
Red Striped Shirt - New Look

4.  Necklace - Primark
Grey Midi Dress - New Look (Teens)

5. Necklace - New Look
Alphabet Crop Top - New Look
Initial Cropped Jumper - Topshop

( 1. & 5. were bought together in a buy one get one free offer!)

Finally I just wanted to share one of my favourite necklaces and one of my best purchases I have ever made on eBay
This is a copy of the necklace from House Of Harlow which is Nicole Richie's Jewellery line. I am such a big fan of Nicole and I always love her style and I had actually noticed her and other celebs such as Kristin Cavallari and the Kardashians wearing this necklace before and always wondered where it was from. So when I found out and saw the price I thought there was noway I would ever get one or anything like it.
Then one day whilst casually at jewellery on eBay (like you do) I saw an exact look-a-like for only around £2 or £3 and just HAD to get it! It was from hong kong and did probably take a couple of weeks to get here but for the price you can't complain.



  1. I absolutely love statement necklaces! I can't find the gold chain in any new looks near me! It's gorge!!

    1. Ahhh keep looking they have have had more in! xxx

  2. Love the red striped shirt from New Look, it so purdy :)the necklace looks fab with it too.

    Hayley @


    1. Thank you! Was only £6 in the sale a couple of months ago!! xxx

  3. Such detailed posts and they make for a great read.
    Loving what youre doing so now following!

    Shall be keeping an eye out :)

    Jenna ||

  4. you have styled these outfits so well, I agree statement necklaces are very in!

  5. I agree accessories are very important and I love the way you pair clothes and accessories! You're fab! Following you!


  6. I love statement necklaces and have also had my eye on the House of Harlow one for a while now. Would love if you could give me the link of the seller?

    1. I would seriously love too but I got it months go so the info isn't on my eBay anymore :( will try and hunt it down for you though! Xxx

    2. Its fine, I've found one! Thanks anyway :)xo

  7. omg that pug sweater is too cutteeeee ! love this post, I love a good statement necklace. it pulls together any outfit, even just a plain t shirt and jeans. new follower :) xx

  8. The first necklace is absolutely gorgeous! I also can't believe the alphabet crop top is New Look.
    I'll definitely be popping into my local store at the weekend!
    Anyway this was such a lovely post to read - I'm such a sucker for a statement necklace!
    Bekki / x

    1. I know it's so nice for new look aswell - really cool and not tacky at all!! Thank you so much for the comment I'm glad you liked it :) xxxxx

  9. Wow that House of Harlow necklace copy is a great bargain! Love the silver spiky necklace from pic 4 too! Also, if you dont mind me asking, what photo app did you use to add the numbers and add the title banner? Its so cute! Great post, thank you! Claire xx

    1. Thank you, i love a good bargain! I used picmonkey :) x


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