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About Kirstie

I suppose you may want to know a litle bit about who on earth is writing all this stuff?!
Well.... I'm Kirstie, 20-something from the Isle Of Wight. (Yes that is in England.) 
I'm a big fan of beauty, green tea, Disney, cosy sweaters, musicals, reading and writing so you'll probably see a lot of that mentioned on this site.

Aloha Kirstie ( Formally known as A Yellow Brick Blog) was started back in May 2013 after many a failed blog attempts!

 Since then I have had some fantastic opportunities working with brands such as Disney, ghd, Soap and Glory, thebalm, Lee Stafford, boohoo, ASDA, Rodial and Attraction Tickets Direct to name a few, plus met some wonderful people along the way!

Best hobby ever? Why yes - it has turned out to be the best decisions I ever made!

If you would like to contact me for any reason please e-mail me : alohakirstie@gmail.com


  1. You sound like a very lively person. (: I was going to say crazy but you might have taken that in a way not meant (who wouldn't). What I mean by crazy is like, confident and outgoing and exciting. Lol anyways byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yeyeyeye. xxox

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  3. I have just come across your blog and I love it! Especially your blog header! Cute!

    Danielle x

  4. Love your blog so much ;)
    And your title and banner are so cute!

  5. Aww, my best friend of 15 years has just moved there. (If I'm rght in thinking your in IOW anyways)
    She says its lovely out there, im yet to see it :(
    Also, I agree with the thers ^^ LOVE your header :) xx

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