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Thursday, 24 August 2017

New Look Haul | Sale Bargains, Designer Perfume Dupe & 90s Trends

What's that? 
A video?

Yes! I've finally uploaded new content to YouTube... shock horror! After watching alot of YouTube lately... and I mean alot I have slowly gained some confidence (ish) to upload a new video.... and hopefully this is just the start!

Check it out below and pretty, pretty please like and subscribe if you can, it would really mean a lot :)

What I'm Wearing :
Dress - http://bit.ly/2vq3hfz
Eyeshadow (Kitten Karma) - http://bit.ly/2vpu2kl
Lipstick (Sandstorm) - http://bit.ly/2vpLwxj 

Check out below for links to everything mentioned..... 

NEW LOOK : http://bit.ly/2irP157
Kirby Grips : http://bit.ly/2wztM7A
Suedette Trainers : http://bit.ly/2xdKMNw
White Trainers : http://bit.ly/2xdvVCQ
Stripey Top : http://bit.ly/2wouvrO
Blazer : http://bit.ly/2vpZcIp 
Red Stripey Blouse : http://bit.ly/2v7ggaP
White Floral Blouse : http://bit.ly/2vpPkOX
Blue Striped Embroidered Shirt (They only have it in maternity :( ) : http://bit.ly/2vgyxi6
Pink Knitted Jumper : http://bit.ly/2xtBLPU 
Black Open Back Knitted Jumper : http://bit.ly/2vZBBlD
Denim Shirt : http://bit.ly/2xtwk3i 
Denim Jacket : http://bit.ly/2wze24m
Blush Perfume : http://bit.ly/2vq4KCC
Brooklyn T-Shirt : http://bit.ly/2vZiCas

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