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Friday, 18 April 2014

POTW #11 : Lee Stafford Argan Oil Flexible Hold Hairspray

It's a hair product I have this week to rave about!
  After a glam night out, an interview and some fun girl time over the past week or so I have been styling my hair a little more than usual! (naughty, naughty!)
As always after I finish using my tools and have my hair how I want it I set it all with a hairspray to keep it in place!
The hairspray I have been totally loving this week is the.... Lee Stafford Argan Oil Flexible Hold Hairspray(*).
A light-weight hairspray is my favourtie type of hairspray, I can't cope with thick heavy stuff that makes your hair cripsy and hard. (eww.) 

This stuff is perfect for me, a great sized bottle - at 200ml it's not too big that it's difficult to use but not too small that you use half a can in one sitting! 
With the famous Argan oil ingredient this Lee Stafford product gives you some gorgeous benefits compared to your normal standard hairsprays - a soft and sleek finish which you can still run my fingers through!
I hate the thought of hairspraying my hair and then not being able to re-style or brush it.
Everytime I've used this, weather it's using heated rollers, curlers or my waving wand, it's felt like I haven't even sprayed anything onto my locks and I've found my hair is as easy to manage as it normally is without any product!
Totes fab with my extensions too - a big thumbs up from me for this product, it's definitely my go-to styling product at the moment!

Do you have any favourite products from this week?



  1. This sounds amazing, everytime I use my extensions I have to spray them and it ends up so knotted and almost impossible to deal with at the end of the day, so thank you! xxx

    1. Ooo this is definitely one to try - it's great with my extensions, so easy to brush out! X

  2. This sounds amazing! I will have to check this out!

    www.ellenwarnerxo.blogspot.co.uk xo

    1. Do it! I haven't stopped using it since I got it! X

  3. This sounds perfect, I've started curling my hair (which I never do) and my hairspray is just so strong my hair hurts when trying to brush it out! Will have to give this a go!


    1. Definitely try a flexible hairspray like this - they are a godsend! X

  4. I've heard all the good things Argan Oil for hair. Thanks for sharing this review! My fave products from this week is probably my new hair spray from Schwarzkopf :D


    1. Ooo I'll have to have a look out for that! X

  5. I will have to try this Hair spray, I have the shampoo and conditioner which is lovely to use so I should invest in this to go with it as it sounds just as nice
    Gemma x


    1. I've had the shampoo and conditioner aswell - such a good range! X


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