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Sunday, 9 June 2013

30 Day Snap #9 - The Perfect Company

Sunday in my opinion is a day of rest.... well okay I wouldn't go that far but a good bit of relaxation can't go a miss!
 Check out this perfect situation I have going on right here - 1. The new Company issue - I am obssessed with anything young Hollywood and I love Nina Dobrev, this issue is faultless, I love the interviews, the styling, the blog talk (obviously) and I think it is definitely the best magazine visually out there on shop shelves, I'm such a massive fan of Company! 2. A cup of green tea - my favourite, I could literally drink it all day everyday! 3. My sunglasses, this river island pair are my current stand-ins while I wait to be able afford another designer pair (my miu miu pair are wrecked :( ) 4. Jaffa Cakes - nothing needs to be said here - YUM.
What have you been upto today?

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  1. Nina Dobrev looks so good on the cover!!

  2. I love these posts, I haven't even read company magazine before, im more of a cosmo/glamour mag kinda girl but i guess company is similar? gonna start putting it on my magazine pile haha!

    Lots of love,
    Em xxx


    1. Honestly it is brilliant, if you are anything like me you will love it! I'm definitely going to buy this months Glamour aswell - Daniel Radcliff is on the cover! And my Mum has already bought Cosmo so I can just steal that haha! x

  3. Love those sunglasses, they're beautiful! :)



    1. Thank you! They are only £2 last year from river island on ASOS!! Bargain!! Xxx

  4. i wish we could buy company magazine in canada :(

    1. Ahhh :( maybe one day!!! You guys are missing out I love it! (although you guys have so much we don't aswell!) xxxxx


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