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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

30 Day Snap #19 - Underrated Chocolate

Today I had a Drifter. Now if you aren't from the UK (do they sell them anywhere else?!) then you are seriously unlucky!
 I swear these chocolate bars are so underrated, I haven't had one for years and forgot how nice they are! And the fact it was only 35p (half price!) made it even better (although 
when did that become cheap for a chocolate bar? Sigh...) 

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  1. I haven't actually tried one, might have to give it ago xx

    1. Do it!! They have a little wafer and are a little chewy too! X

  2. It's one of the only 35p chocolate bars I've heard off! Haha! I love these! Xx


    1. Haha it was meant to be 70p but was on offer! Xxx

  3. They ARE underrated! I haven't had one in ages and now I really fancy one now. A trip to the shops might be in order tonight.
    Anyway, enough drifter waffle, you have a lovely blog and a brand new follower :)
    Hope to speak soon,
    Laura xx


  4. Oh my god. They are now in my work vending machine and I'm pretty sure I've had one every day for the past week!! Ooops xx

    1. yes!! they are so so good, used to have them all the time when I was youger then forgot about them! Deffo a new fav! x


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