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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Disney Wishlist #21


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Come Grocery Shopping With Me : My Weekly Supermarket Essentials

Am I am sucker for any type of foodie vlog/blog post. I love seeing what other people buy at the supermarket and when I popped out a Twitter poll to see if anyone would be interested in my grocery shop (because you know this is what people do with their lives now) over 90% of people said YES!

The Kitchen Cupboards
My bits and bobs. Snacks, drinks and things for on the go!

Nuts - Yes... I am obsessed with nuts. Mixed nuts, nut bars.... I cannot get enough! Yes they are 'fattening' but I'd rather have a hand full of nuts then a chocolate bar, they really do keep me full and hit that craving for snacky food.
I grabbed this handy glass jar from poundland (yes hello bargain) to keep my stash in and it looks fab!

Green Tea - I cannot live without green tea. I started drinking it about 6 years ago and can drink anything from two to ten cups of it a day. I love the stuff!

Superfood Powders - These are actually something I've only recently got into. I am LOVING using our nutri-bullet at home and popping in superfood powders into smoothies is a great way to get lots of extra micro-nutrients into my diet. My FAVOURITE is Cacao Powder, I have this everyday in my morning smoothie with bananas, ice, protein powder, cinnamon and honey and it honestly tastes amazing, like a chocolate milkshake. Plus it's a mood-booster and I really do feel it work, each morning it helps to perk me up and put a little spring in my step.

Apple Cider Vinegar - This is something I use as a dressing for my salads, lots of health benefits and you only need a tiny bit for flavour!

Rock Salt - Oooo I love adding a bit of rock salt to my dinners!

Tuna - A HUGE staple of my diet is tuna. I love a tuna salad and have one most days for lunch so having a stock of tins is essential! 

Coconut Oil - Fabulous for almost anything - from hair to coffee I use this stuff ALOT. Thsi is definitely a product to shop around for, now that it's so popular prices of coconut oil have increased immensely but you can still buy it for under £3 if you shop around! Here's one from Tesco that's only £2.25 for 500ml!

Cinnamon - The perfect sweetener to add into smoothies and sprinkle onto apples slices.

Honey - Can't live without the stuff - I always buy squeezy bottles because I'm lazy!

Chia Seeds - I add these to my breakfast smoothies and my salads, a great source of fibre and protein. (I always buy these from Aldi.... soooo much cheaper!)
Fridge & Fresh
I'm a sucker for a salad and fruit. I have been eating a paleo-based diet for a while now and for me and my body it has done wonders. I have so many health/digestive issues when it comes to certain foods and I really do feel a million times better since exploring this lifestyle. But with this it does mean buying 

Baby Spinach, Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes - these are my basic salad bases. They will always be in my lunch/dinner as the base of my meal.

Granny Smith Apples - My favourite apples... don't argue with me on this one! An apple a day and all that jazz.

Bananas - I always have a huge stock of bananas on the go - I normally have 2 in my morning smoothie and they are perfect for having as a snack on the go.

Avocados - Now I don't buy these every shop..... mainly because I can't afford it but avo's are such an amazing source of healthy fat and they really help to fill me up when popped into lunch or dinner! I tend to buy the packs of smaller avocados as too not over-do the portion size.
Yes... I buy frozen foods. I know some people may frown upon this but, for me, it is mainly for budget reasons. My vegetables, chicken, fish all last ALOT longer when bought frozen and I know I will have food for weeks.... rather than having to look at the 'use by' dates and knowing it will be gone within a week!

Sweet Potato Chunks - These are a staple, I am obsessed! I buy these from Tesco and have them more or less every day. A fab carb that doesn't bloat me ... winner winner!

Butternut Squash/Courgette/Vegetables - Frozen veg saves me so much money.

Mini Chicken Fillets - I know frozen meat probably isn't the greatest but for me it saves me a lot of money. These frozen mini fillets only take around 20 minutes in the oven and are the perfect source of protein to add to meals.

Salmon - Again, a great source of protein to add into meals! Salmon and tuna are pretty much the only fish I buy.

Ice Cubes - Smoothies aren't the same without ice cubes!
What are your go-to essentials from the supermarket?

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

My Happy Mood Hacks

Sometimes we get into a funk, I do far too often and it pretty pants. You wake up in a mood with a cloud over you that just won't shift, getting annoyed at little things and wishing to be back snuggled up under your duvet.

Over the years I have discovered ways/hacks in which to help me fight to poop mood and put a smile back on my face! They work for me so maybe they can work for you too!

Friday, 28 July 2017

Things I've Learnt From Working At Home

I have worked at home full-time since December last year. This is something I never even imagined would be possible for me 
The girl that never knew what she wanted to do, didn't go to uni, floated along in different jobs had opened her own company out of the blue .... bit scary huh?


Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Tropic Skincare Face Lift Brightening Tightening Mask : My New Favourite!

If you have read AlohaKirstie for a while now you will KNOW that I am a total sucker for a face mask. Whether it be a 99p sachet or a £50 glamorous concoction of gold flakes and god knows what else.
I love to give my skin a total pamper and detox at least once a week and my favourite way to do this is with a face mask.

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